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Radiant Logic Delivers Trifecta of Impressive Results for Fifth Year in a Row: 40% Annual Recurring Revenue Growth, 30%+ Margin, and 95% Customer Retention 

New logo growth fueled by increasing need for advanced Identity Data Management and Identity Analytics capabilities 


February 1, 2024, Novato, CA: Radiant Logic, the Identity Data Fabric company, announces its 5th straight year of profitable growth, with ~40% year-over-year ARR growth, 30%+ profit margins, and remarkable customer retention of 95% to close an unparalleled year for the company. In 2023, Radiant Logic showcased unwavering resilience and adaptability through a series of strategic moves. These included continued innovation on the RadiantOne Identity Data Platform, the establishment of a dedicated partner program, and the acquisition of Brainwave GRC, a respected French-based Identity Governance and Analytics (IGA) provider.  


“As the demands for identity data evolve in response to regulatory and cybersecurity requirements, Radiant Logic consistently surpasses expectations both as a company and as a solution,” said Joe Sander, CEO, Radiant Logic. “From the acquisition of Brainwave GRC at the beginning of 2023 to our recently announced generative AI capabilities, Radiant Logic continues to redefine the role of identity data within an identity-first security and governance program.” 


The acquisition of Brainwave GRC and the integration of its full suite of IGA and analytics capabilities was a perfect complement to RadiantOne’s Identity Data Management expertise, and unlocked new potential for growth and innovation. This acquisition introduces the ability to apply analytics and visibility onto an unprecedented set of correlated, normalized, and cleansed identity data. In 2023, Radiant Logic entered the Identity Analytics field for the first time, gaining swift recognition in the Gartner Market Guide as an important component of an Identity Governance and Administration solution. Looking ahead, Radiant Logic envisions sustained and substantial growth in 2024, driven by the launch of new, AI-driven capabilities on the industry leading RadiantOne Identity Data platform. 


Throughout 2023, Radiant Logic continued to demonstrate its unrelenting dedication to customers and partners with the announced expanded and revitalized Partner Program and dedicated Partner Portal. The program launch included an impressive partner roster consisting of both global security leaders and specialists in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) field, including: AWS, Wipro, CyberIAM, SDG, iC Consult, Hub City Media, UberEther, Novacoast, NetBR and CyberSolve. Radiant’s partner program has resulted in deployments at the Department of the Navy and at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), among many others.  


In 2024, Radiant Logic aims to capitalize on its momentum with the introduction of RadiantOne AI and AIDA, its generative AI data assistant. RadiantOne AI complements existing technology and governance investments by correlating data from all sources and systems, providing contextual information for better decision-making across your entire identity and IT landscape. This leads to improved outcomes for organizations, including reduced time and resources required for data gathering for audits, plus fewer security gaps and increased compliance with organizational policies. 


With the new year, Radiant Logic is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Love as Chief Revenue Officer. Love brings over 20 years of technology sales and leadership experience, most recently serving as President at Orca Security and Chief Revenue Officer at Illumio. Love aims to transform Radiant Logic’s enterprise go-to-market initiatives including global sales, partnerships, and sales operations. This strategic move will invigorate the company's ecosystem, implement a channel-first Go-to-Market motion, and drive unprecedented growth by focusing on building meaningful relationships with our customers and partners. 


“With identity at the core of Zero Trust, Radiant offers a unique ability to solve long-standing customer pain points by coupling existing technologies with new AI capabilities,” said Jim Love, Chief Revenue Officer, Radiant Logic. “I’m thrilled to join the global team as we trailblaze through new regions, enter new market categories, and focus on a channel-forward strategy.” 


“Jim brings the type of extensive global sales experience Radiant Logic needs to excel through the transition of new capabilities, markets and regions,” continues Sander. “2023 was a record-breaking year for Radiant Logic, and with ambitious growth goals in place for 2024, Jim could not be joining at a better time. We look forward to leveraging his extensive experience working with Enterprise customers and building global businesses.” 


About Radiant Logic   

Radiant Logic, the identity data experts, helps organizations turn identity data into a strategic asset that drives automated governance, enhanced security, and operational efficiency. 


Our RadiantOne Identity Data Platform removes complexity as a roadblock to identity-first strategies by creating an authoritative data source for real-time, context-aware controls. We provide visibility and actionable insights to intelligently detect and remediate risk using AI/ML-powered identity analytics. 


With RadiantOne, organizations are able to tap into the wealth of information across the infrastructure, combining context and analytics to deploy governance that works for the most advanced use cases. 


It’s a radically simple approach. Learn more at 



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