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Prodigy Unveils New Brand Highlighting Cutting-Edge Technology

With the help of Cooke Consulting Solutions and uncommn

Prodigy, a leading cloud technology provider for credit unions, is proud to announce the launch of its new brand, website and brand-building initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at showcasing Prodigy’s cloud-based core processing and complementary cloud solutions tailored to democratize leading-edge technology for credit unions of all sizes.

“The mission of Prodigy is to enable credit unions of all asset sizes to serve their communities by offering modern technology,” stated Prodigy’s CEO Amber Harsin. Prodigy’s solutions leverage the cloud and the cooperative CUSO model to empower credit unions with unparalleled scalability and flexibility to efficiently enhance its client credit unions and their members’ experience. To put better emphasis on the technology, Prodigy partnered with uncommn and Cooke Consulting Solutions to develop and implement its new brand.

Harsin reached out to Sarah Snell Cooke, principal at Cooke Consulting Solutions, for assistance to increase Prodigy’s brand awareness in the credit union market. After initial discussions with Harsin, Cooke advised a website should be a key piece of its communications strategy, bringing in uncommn, the preferred credit union industry web development partner for those seeking control over their online presence, as a partner to help reach Prodigy’s objectives.

Trusting Cooke’s content marketing knowledge and instincts developed over decades working in credit unions and being familiar with the well-respected work of uncommn CEO Bo McDonald, Harsin agreed.

"It was a bit easier working with Prodigy because they know who they are,” McDonald explained. uncommn ensured that the new Prodigy website would speak directly to the company’s target audience, credit union CEOs, and addressed their frustrations with existing core systems.

McDonald further elaborated, “We wanted to put the value proposition front-and-center without overwhelming Prodigy’s target audience with tech jargon."

Cooke worked with the Prodigy team to set a content strategy that aligned with its brand, ranging from content marketing to public relations to social media. Brand-building efforts prior to this website launch helped to set the foundation for the day the new website launched.

“Cooke Consulting Solution’s partnership with Prodigy and uncommn have been a breeze, because we all agree on the goal, respect each other’s expertise and have the agency to do what we do best,” Cooke said. “Now that Prodigy’s sleek, modern new website is ready, I am excited to crank things up a notch for Prodigy, which has incredible depth of technological expertise and a deep belief in the power of credit unions.”

“We partnered with Sarah and Bo because of their deep knowledge of credit unions, understanding of the mission, the problems Prodigy is trying to solve and ability to speak the same language as our target audience,” Harsin said.

She continued, "Consider what you are trying to build for your own legacy. And does that mean continuing to partner with systems that we all know are going to struggle to stay relevant in the next 10 years? Let’s be bold, hold ourselves to a different standard than the old-school status quo.”

About Prodigy

Prodigy is a core processing and private cloud Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), featuring a modern browser-based core and an API architecture for simple integrations, so credit unions can choose what business partners they want to use. Prodigy is 100% owned by 24 credit unions from California to New York with asset sizes ranging from $7 million to more than $500 million. We empower credit unions to participate in the direction, evolution and design of innovative products and solutions. Visit to learn more.

About Cooke Consulting Solutions

Cooke Consulting Solutions provides communications strategy & execution for credit unions and other community financial institutions and their business partners. From case studies to thought leadership to social media and more, we help your organization build brand awareness and showcase your expertise. Cooke Consulting Solutions has worked with companies – ranging from well-established organizations to startups – to bolster trust and grow their bottom line.

About uncommn

uncommn is the preferred web development partner for innovative credit unions seeking to control their online presence. uncommn was founded to fix the frustrations we encountered firsthand with credit union web developers, not only for our clients, but for every credit union also frustrated by common business practices among website design firms. With every project – for every client – we live out our core values: Trust, Respect, Innovation.


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