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Prodigy announces major upgrades to its platform

Improved scalability and security on the way

Prodigy CEO Amber Harsin announced during its annual Prodigies Unite 2023 conference today that the cloud core processing CUSO will be undertaking key steps to ensure its cloud-based core platform remains relevant – and so do its credit unions.

“Despite having one of the most modern core processing platforms on the market already, we are determined to ensure it stays that way. Traditional core standards for modernity are not the bar we wish to hold. Prodigy will use the fintech bar to measure our efforts against,” Prodigy CEO Amber Harsin said. “We’re really excited for the future of credit unions. We’re even more excited to be a part of it by providing the technology they need to succeed for decades to come versus being just another legacy core.”

The updates, taking place starting in October 2023 and expected to take about 24 months, will have several benefits for Prodigy clients, including:

· Even better database scalability for the largest transaction volumes

· Enhanced, easier data extraction with business intelligence tools

· Stronger security options

· Safer and faster deployments for features and fixes

· Enhanced performance monitoring tools and consumption measurements

Harsin expressed that she understands a complete core rewrite can be almost as stressful as a conversion, which is why it will be taken in phases. Phase 1 will be the rewriting of the database, she said, explaining that the current application will talk to the new database with minimal impact. Phase 2 will be the retirement of the existing modules one by one to an updated user interface and microserviced API architecture.

“The changeover will be minimal work for existing Prodigy clients,” Harsin assured. “Our board and I are really excited to begin this massive undertaking, and as we reveal what we have in store, we believe others will, too.”

Prodigy is a core processing and private cloud Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), featuring a modern browser-based core and an API architecture for simple integrations, so credit unions can choose what business partners they want to use. Prodigy is 100% owned by 24 credit unions from California to New York with asset sizes ranging from $7 million to more than $500 million. We empower credit unions to participate in the direction, evolution and design of innovative products and solutions. Visit to learn more.


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