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P1FCU Launches Voice Authentication For 100,000 Members

Members of this Pacific Northwest credit union are gaining access to voice verification with Illuma Shield™

Lewiston, Idaho: P1FCU (Potlatch No. 1 Credit Union) is continuing to grow its recognition as a technology-forward financial institution by adopting voice authentication to improve member experience in their contact center using Illuma Shield™ software.

Voice Verification Set to Improve Member Experience and More

The decision to upgrade the member experience by shifting away from traditional security Q&A in the call center was spearheaded by the organization’s CMXO, Jana Erny. “Our goal is always to deliver a positive member experience, and that can be hard to do in the call center when members have to jump through hoops to prove who they are.”

Passive voice biometrics provides a simple solution. “With Illuma Shield™, our agents can simply have a friendly conversation and help our members with their requests right away. The member’s identity is verified in seconds in the background of the call without any out-of-wallet questions.”

In addition to delivering a warm experience for callers, the solution cuts the time to verify identity by more than 80%. Reducing average call handle time will benefit the credit union’s bottom line for operations by helping agents handle calls faster. Since fraudsters can’t hack the verification process by stealing or discovering answers to security questions, contact center transactions will also be more secure.

P1FCU Leads the Way in Digital Transformation for the Pacific Northwest

Milind Borkar, Illuma’s Founder and CEO, shared why this latest deployment is a milestone for the company. “We recently integrated our solution with the popular Genesys cloud call center platform. We’re excited to see P1FCU among the first credit unions to take advantage of this newly available integration. This is also our first credit union deployment in the Pacific Northwest, and we appreciate them being at the forefront of bringing voice authentication to their members.”

About P1FCU

P1FCU was founded in 1938 when 12 employees of Potlatch Forest, Inc. pooled their money to provide loans and financial services to those members of their community who were not served by big banks. Today, the organization continues to provide personal service and financial stability to more than 100,000 members across the Pacific Northwest covering the state of Washington as well as areas of Idaho and Oregon. To learn more, visit

About Illuma Labs

Illuma Labs is a credit union service organization headquartered in Plano, Texas. The company’s flagship product, Illuma Shield™, replaces traditional knowledge-based authentication practices with an effortless and secure real-time voice authentication solution to enhance member experience, improve operational efficiency, and prevent fraud. Illuma Labs is the exclusive provider for CUNA Strategic Services and has industry endorsements in 34 U.S. states. For more information, visit


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