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On Location: The 2021 Corelation Client Conference

By John San Filippo

The COVID-19 pandemic may have kept Corelation from holding an in-person conference last year, but apparently any other disruption to the core processor’s business was minimal. During the opening slide presentation, attendees of both the in-person and virtual versions of this hybrid conference were shown all the credit unions that signed contracts during the pandemic. I counted 38.

The company was also able to keep conversions rolling by employing remote technologies. I’m not sure how many conversions they completed in the past 18 months because, quite frankly, I lost count as they were popping in and out.

During his segment of the opening remarks, Corelation founder John Landis offered the following stats:

  • 167 signed credit unions

  • 129 credit unions live on the KeyStone platform

  • More than $110 billion in combined client assets

  • More than 7.5 million members represented by these clients

As for the conference itself, Landis provided the following numbers:

  • 1,116 total people in attendance, including in-person attendees, virtual attendees and vendors

  • 208 in-person credit union attendees

  • 506 virtual credit union attendees

  • 143 credit unions represented by these attendees

A wide range of vendors, all anxious to get back into the live conference groove, made the trip to sunny San Diego. They included:

  • ABCorp

  • Access Softek

  • Add-On Technologies, Inc.

  • Advanced Fraud Solutions


  • Alkami

  • Alogent

  • ASA

  • Ascensus

  • AvidXchange

  • Bankjoy

  • Business Date Inc. (BDI)

  • Canon USA, Inc

  • CFM

  • ChannelNet

  • Clear Core

  • Connect FSS

  • CO-OP Financial Services

  • CUBUS Solutions, Inc.

  • CUNA Mutual Group

  • Cutek

  • Diebold Nixdorf

  • Digital Check + Avivatech

  • Doxim

  • eCU Technology

  • Enacomm

  • Entrust

  • FICS

  • Hyosung

  • IMM E-Sign

  • IMSI

  • InfoIMAGE, Inc.

  • ISE

  • Key CU Solutions

  • Lumin Digital, LLC

  • Mahalo Technologies

  • Matica Corp

  • MEA Financial

  • Millenial Vision, Inc. (MVI)

  • Narmi

  • NCR

  • Payrailz

  • Plansmith Corp

  • PSCU

  • Pure IT Credit Union Services


  • Segmint Inc.


  • Sherpa Technologies

  • SMA Technologies

  • Source Technologies

  • Stickley on Security

  • SwitchThink Solutions

  • TeleVoice

  • ToolCASE

  • Trellance, Inc.

  • Wescom (WRG)

  • Wycom

  • XDI

  • Zogo Finance

Social distancing was spotty at best and masks appeared unpopular with attendees and exhibitors alike. I was one of only a handful of people I saw wearing any sort of face covering.

I will provide additional coverage as appropriate.


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