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Introducing DroidGPT: AI that helps you select better open source software

Endor Labs brings the power of ChatGPT to open source risk management. Not sure which package to use? Just ask!

The foundation of secure and scalable open source usage starts with the selection of high quality, safe and sustainable software packages. ChatGPT has already transformed the way we do research and get results faster. Endor Labs’ DroidGPT moves these advances forward: You can now use the same conversational research style to evaluate open source software and measure possible risk.

DroidGPT combines the power of ChatGPT with Endor Labs' proprietary risk data to help users quickly and easily research open source software (OSS) packages in a conversational manner.

Developers using DroidGPT can log onto OSS Explorer within the Endor Labs platform, ask questions like "what are the best logging packages for Java," and receive instant answers. All results are overlaid with risk scores revealing the quality, popularity, trustworthiness, and security of each package.

What other types of questions can you ask DroidGPT?

● “What packages in Go have a similar function as log4j?”

● “What packages are similar to go-memdb?”

● "Which Go packages have the least known vulnerabilities?"

Key benefits of DroidGPT:

Conversational Interface: Users can ask questions naturally and receive accurate and detailed answers, making their research process more efficient and enjoyable.

Data-Driven Insights: Endor Labs' risk scores offer a comprehensive evaluation of OSS packages, taking into account factors such as quality, popularity and security.

Informed Decision-Making: The integration of DroidGPT’s AI-driven answers with real-world risk data empowers developers to make the best decisions when selecting open source software packages.


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