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IgniteFI Launches Fractional Fintech to Provide Startups Seasoned Expertise

Fintechs can scale up or down quickly and without the overhead


Fintech leaders are visionaries who understand it takes more than vision to succeed. Running a fintech requires a team of seasoned experts capable of transforming innovative concepts into market-leading solutions. This is where IgniteFI’s new Fractional Fintech service becomes a fintech’s strategic advantage.

“Our Fractional Fintech service combines the necessary structure and expertise with the flexibility to align with a fintech’s business phase,” IgniteFI Founder/CEO Julie Esser explained.  “We can leverage our extensive network and experience to help build the ideal fintech workforce, from a broad-spectrum team all the way down to the smallest spark a fintech might need. I founded IgniteFI to help fintech innovators transform their vision into reality.”

Fractional Fintech offers a customized team of consultants handpicked for their industry-leading expertise. Whether a fintech needs a strategic CFO, a creative CMO, a tech-savvy CTO, or a product visionary, the new IgniteFI service provides the specialized talent to complement the vision and drive your business forward.

“Fintechs often don’t have the resources to scale as quickly as they need with the required expertise,” Esser noted. “With Fractional Fintech, as your business evolves, so does your team, adapting to new challenges and opportunities. This way, the business leaders are entirely in control – a luxury startup fintech leaders don’t often experience.”

Fractional Fintech takes a tailored approach to propel businesses forward with industry-leading expertise and without the overhead of staff. From a specialized expert to handle a specific business challenge to an entire team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, igniteFI’s Fractional Fintech can be the solution for all early-stage fintechs.


IgniteFI exists to solve fintech’s top problems – credibility, discovery, customer growth and loyalty, lack of resources and strategy – leveraging our team’s deep expertise and network. We help fintechs gain clarity in brand and define their position in the marketplace, cultivate and amplify fintech brands and harness the right sales techniques to turn your groundbreaking product into a tangible success. Learn more at


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