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CUbroadcast on Finopotamus

How Credit Union of Colorado Is Leveraging AI to Enhance Lending Efforts

Scienaptic’s VP of Partnerships, Kathryn Bonesteel and Chad Wilcox, SVP of Lending at Credit Union of Colorado, joined host Mike Lawson to share their insights on the rise of artificial intelligence in lending and how early adopters like CU of Colorado are setting the stage to reap the benefits well into the future.

Both Chad and Kathryn talked about what was going on at the credit union that prompted them to look to AI as a solution to enhance its lending efforts. In addition, they discussed the multiple benefits AI can have in the lending department, goals they look to achieve, and some really cool projects in the works -- again, leveraging AI's capabilities.

Fascinating conversation with Kathryn and Chad on how this technology is permeating every corner of a credit union now. Be sure to watch the entire episode on CUbroadcast.

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