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CRMNEXT and Arkatechture Partner to Launch ‘ArkaNEXT’

Arkatechture and CRMNEXT have partnered to offer a joint solution for credit unions to create an insightful and actionable interface for Credit Unions to engage with their members: ArkaNEXT

Portland, ME (May_, 2022): Arkatechture CUSO, a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations with a better understanding of their business through data, has formed a partnership with CRMNEXT, a CRM platform built by financial institutions for financial institutions to break down siloes and give you the ability to act on all data across departments. The two fintechs have joined forces to offer a joint solution: ‘ArkaNEXT.’

Data transformation is a complex continuum, starting with raw data and moving through information, insights, action, and finally, impact. This partnership aims to change the game; by prioritizing customer needs and investing in cutting-edge technology, this alliance seeks to provide credit unions with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently. By focusing on clean technical architecture and a customer-centric approach, this partnership will stand out from the competition and deliver the actionable insights credit unions have been craving. “So, buckle up and get ready for a data transformation revolution.” commented Nishant Rao, United States CEO of CRMNEXT.

A digital transformation failure can be a major setback, potentially derailing an organization's progress for years. What starts as a hiccup in business insights, may snowball into a full-blown roadblock for adopting fintech and, ultimately, creating value for their members. In short, digital transformation is as much a vital foundation for strategic growth and member satisfaction as selecting the right partner to do so. “The tech landscape is riddled with confusion, as many organizations claim expertise in areas like data analytics and CRM without truly understanding them” commented Jamie Jackson, CEO and Founder of Arkatechture.

This joint solution offers credit unions the partner they need to achieve successful data transformation, with their deep knowledge and domain expertise. Finding the right partner with a comprehensive understanding and a flexible approach is essential for a great data transformation journey - qualities that both Arkatechture and CRMNEXT possess. By partnering with innovative SaaS providers like these two companies, credit unions can harness the best of both worlds, prioritizing and streamlining data transformation for maximum impact. With their shared commitment to the industry's growth and longevity, and ensuring better results for credit unions and banks, Arkatechture and CRMNEXT are very optimistic about what ArkaNEXT will bring to credit unions in their data and digital transformation journeys.


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