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Credit Union of America Partners With Arkatechture

With Arkatechture’s help, Credit Union of America is updating their data infrastructure with the goal of having a data storage solution with more capabilities, including a 360-degree view of each member.

Portland, ME (March 27th, 2022): Arkatechture CUSO, a technology company dedicated to empowering organizations with a better understanding of their business through data, has formed a partnership with Credit Union of America, a Kansas-based credit union established in 1935. The implementation of their Arkalytics platform will help centralize their data from a variety of sources for analytics, while also ensuring the data is clean, accurate, and ready to use for informed decision-making.

The Credit Union of America team realized it was time to upgrade their outdated data infrastructure, so they began assessing options. The initial attraction to Arkatechture as a data analytics partner stemmed from existing partnerships with many mutual vendors, and their dedication to consistently working to grow their partner network and reporting capabilities. The CUA team also found the Arkatechture team to be extremely transparent and responsive to all of their questions. Because of these existing mutual relationships, working together also presented a great opportunity to strengthen and develop those relationships as the credit union industry continues to grow and evolve.

The CUA team envisions this partnership benefiting their members through the improved access to data and reporting that will allow them to simplify their internal processes and target their services. A goal they have for the partnership is to automate much of the reporting from their main data sources and to heavily utilize the increased access all staff members will have to data.

“We hope to achieve a 360-degree view of each member, along with a single source of truth for all data sources. This will simplify reporting across CUA, freeing up resources for more complex projects. The pre-built predictive models within Arkalytics will allow for improved targeting for marketing materials and ultimately provide better solutions to our members.”

- Jon Douglas, Chief Information Officer at Credit Union of America

“We are very excited to partner with the great folks over at CUA. It’s a very friendly team that is very eager to get their data journey back on track. While another vendor slowed down their journey with a failed implementation, it did not stop their conviction/passion or their commitment to the mission. We’re energized with the additional opportunity to deploy Arkalytics for their internal analytics as well as enabling other fintech partners that CUA also has deployed. 2023 is a big year for CUA and we’re thrilled to be on the ride with them!”

- Jamie Jackson, founder & CEO of Arkatechture

About Arkatechture

Arkatechture CUSO is a provider of data management and business intelligence solutions for credit unions. Their data platform, Arkalytics, combines a cloud-native Data Lakehouse with a suite of financial dashboards & reports. Arkalytics integrates data from key banking systems to create a centralized data hub and ecosystem to secure, manage, share, and analyze the credit union’s data.

Arkalytics is an end-to-end business intelligence solution that combines a fully managed cloud-hosted Data Lakehouse with a suite of financial reports and executive dashboards for analysis.

It serves as an advanced analytics and reporting platform that integrates all of your organization’s disparate information systems through an automated lean data pipeline.

For more information, visit or contact them directly here.


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