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Wedge Announces Partnership With Visa to Power Spending Innovation

Wedge will launch new Visa debit cards to consumers in the US

AUSTIN, Texas, February 15, 2023 - Wedge Financial, Inc. (Wedge), a fintech company that brings the power of the markets and programmable payments to everyday spending, is partnering with Visa to launch a debit card connected to the Wedge app, accelerating its mission to revolutionize consumer spending.

Wedge is an innovative fintech solution that allows users to spend from multiple fiat and asset accounts with a single debit card. Wedge gives users the flexibility to make everyday purchases on their Wedge debit card utilizing the upside from stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and cash, allowing users to take advantage of market movements.

With Wedge, users can unlock an intuitive new way to spend from balances held at separate banks and financial platforms. Wedge is positioned to disrupt the payments space with its ability to simplify a user's wallet while providing more upside potential than many conventional credit and debit offerings.

“Partnering with Visa will expand our reach and bring Wedge’s innovative technology to more customers worldwide,” said Billy Roberts, Wedge CEO. “Visa is one of the most trusted and respected names in the payments business, and Wedge users will benefit immensely from Visa’s decades of experience and industry-leading innovation, security, and network access. We are extremely excited to work with Visa to develop an innovative, user-focused payments product.”

The Wedge Visa debit card is issued through Wedge’s program manager in conjunction with a bank partner, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

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About Wedge Financial, Inc.

Wedge is on a mission to make consumers’ dollars go farther by bringing the power of the markets and programmable payments to everyday spending. Wedge provides a cutting-edge spending app that lets users fund everyday purchases by using any asset in their Wedge wallet, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and cash. Wedge is reinventing everyday spending by giving users the choice of selecting the optimal asset to use at checkout to save on purchases by taking advantage of real-time market movements. Wedge is available through the Apple and Google Play app stores.


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