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uncommn Partners with Kiddie Kredit

Updated: Mar 16, 2023 Deliver Fresh Financial Education Opportunity to Credit Unions

Kiddie Kredit & uncommn’s Dollar Dog help engage young members

Despite 88% of adults supporting required financial education classes in school, just 22.7% of high school students have access to classes about personal finance or managing credit, according to Next Gen Personal Finance.

To fill the void in youth financial education, uncommn, owner of the Dollar Dog Kids Club® and the preferred web development partner for innovative credit unions seeking to control their online presence, has partnered with Kiddie Kredit to offer the service at a discount to its credit union clients that use Dollar Dog. Kiddie Kredit is a mobile app designed to educate children on the credit system based on their chores. As a child completes tasks assigned by a parent or the credit union within the user-friendly app, their "kredit" score increases.

“I wanted to build the app I didn’t have when I was a kid,” Kiddie Kredit Founder Evan Leaphart explained. “I learned about credit the hard way, which kept me from landing a dream job and other things in my 20s. I wanted to partner with uncommn and Dollar Dog because we are looking to mix the old with the new for credit unions. We respect the brand that has been built and want to forge a path forward that allows for familiarity (Dollar Dog) and new technology (Kiddie Kredit).”

Leaphart added that credit unions’ mission is aligned with his company’s, but also a 2020 study found that 60% of kids whose parents bank at a credit union ultimately bank somewhere else when they become adults. “We MUST reverse that trend,” Leaphart said.

uncommn President/CEO Bo McDonald wholeheartedly agreed. “Credit unions must continue to find new ways to be relevant to the next generation of credit union members and meet them where they are,” he said. “That’s why I’m so excited to announce our new partnership with Kiddie Kredit. When we engage credit union members early using the technology they expect and providing gamified financial education, which Dollar Dog and Kiddie Kredit do masterfully, credit unions build trust with their members, earn their respect as a trusted partner, and we do it in new and innovative ways that grab and hold their attention.”

Leaphart concluded, “This partnership is about evolution and two companies sharing a similar mission to put kids on a path to financial wellness through credit unions.”

uncommn is the preferred web development partner for innovative credit unions seeking to control their online presence. uncommn was founded to fix the frustrations we encountered firsthand with credit union web developers, not only for our clients, but for every credit union also frustrated by common business practices among website design firms. With every project – for every client – we live out our core values: Trust, Respect, Innovation.

Kiddie Kredit’s mission is to empower credit-healthy families. Credit, when utilized properly, is one of the greatest tools to generate wealth. We want to educate about credit responsibly, especially to those who have limited access to capital all in the name of economic inclusion and equality. Our team leverages the power of experience and dedication to develop digital products that develop financial literacy at an early age.


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