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The Knowlton Group, Visionary in Data Analytics for Credit Unions and Community Banks ...

... Rebrands to Gemineye

Company Launches New Name, Logo, Website, and Reporting UX as They Evolve and Enter Additional Markets

Sandwich, Mass: The Knowlton Group, a familiar face in the credit union data analytics and BI world, is thrilled to announce their new name and logo – Gemineye. Many moons in the making, this new brand captures the velocity and vision the company embodies after several years of swift growth and breaking into new markets, like community banks.

A disruptor in the credit union and community bank analytics space, Gemineye’s success is attributed to their persistence in problem-solving, expansive integrations, and refreshingly customizable framework. It doesn’t take much time before clients see the difference and never go back to restrictive data analytics options. After 10 years of grassroots growth from referrals and an avid credit union fanbase, this time was right to launch a brand that represented our team and aspirations.

“As our journey has progressed and our services have evolved, we felt it necessary to undergo a rebranding that mirrors our forward-thinking vision and the profound knowledge our team brings to the table,” says Brewster Knowlton, CEO of Gemineye. “We believe in the immense potential of community financial institutions to harness data, and our aim is to position Gemineye at the forefront of the industry."

So why Gemineye? The new name is a synthesis of several concepts that represent Gemineye’s values. The Gemini sign is considered the holder of knowledge and innovation. The Project Gemini spaceflight program was critical in preparing for the first moon landing. The “eye” represents the perspective and foresight Gemineye’s solutions provide their clients. Combined, they create mythological, historical, and rich story brand story that is wholly unique in the industry.

“The rebrand highlights our mission of empowering community financial institutions to become more data-driven and the talented team we have assembled to accomplish that mission,” says Matt Jefferson, COO of Gemineye. “I am extremely excited about all the features and services we will be releasing under the new Gemineye brand.”

So who is behind Gemineye? The Gemineye team is led by Brewster Knowlton, analytics mastermind, and consists of data and technology experts with decades of credit union and banking experience, data warehousing design, SQL and ETL development, and API development. Combined, they create a supergroup of dependable experts with modern sensibilities in the data space.

You can find Gemineye at the Jack Henry Connect show this upcoming week, October 16th – 19th, in Indianapolis.

About Gemineye

At Gemineye, we believe that every organization - no matter their size - can reach their goals through a data-driven culture. Whether you are a $200 million credit union or a $10 billion bank, every organization should have the ability to implement a data solution that works the way they need it to. We believe that the best data and analytics program starts with a great strategy, clearly defined roadmap, and aggressive implementation plan. Our personalized approach to each engagement ensures that the specific needs and goals of your financial institution are captured for maximum results. We’re Gemineye – allowing you to drive the data and the journey. Hop in.

Want to connect? Email us at or call (508) 591-3303. Visit us at to learn more at your own pace.


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