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OCCU Foundation Supports Community in Wake of Ice Storm

Eugene, Oregon – When a debilitating ice storm rattled OCCU’s community in January 2024, downing power lines, causing property damage and making roads impassable, the credit union stepped up.


OCCU Foundation, OCCU’s philanthropic arm, gave more than $40,000 in the aftermath of the storm to lend a hand to those affected. Of the total, $20,000 went to local food security nonprofits through the Foundation’s Feeding Families Fund. These included food banks and mobile pantries that lost tons of perishables due to the loss of power.


Another $20,900 was divided among 121 OCCU team members who applied for assistance. Employees had the option to apply for either $100 or $200, based on need, to help restock food after one of the worst winter storms in recent memory.


“I lost power for eight days,” said OCCU team member Nicole P. “We lost all our refrigerated items and lived out of a cooler. With the help of OCCU Foundation, we were able to restock what we lost in the ice storm. It was a major relief, and I am very grateful for OCCU for providing such support."


OCCU team member Melissa S. also lost power and food.


“What a huge relief to come back to work after not having power for nine days to find out that the OCCU Foundation was so generously donating aid to employees in need,” she said. “We lost all our food between two refrigerators and a chest freezer. Our restocking bill racked up to over $700. Thank you OCCU for filling our bellies and saving us some cash!”


For team member Robbie L., the cash help was a “godsend.”


“We live in a rural location, and the ice storm hit us hard,” he said. “Over 10 days without power, we spent hundreds on gas and food. I’m proud to be a part of an organization that looks out for its community in these ways.”


This is not the first time that OCCU Foundation has responded to a natural disaster close to home. Following extensive wildfires in 2020, OCCU Foundation’s Fire Relief Fund donated more than $250,000 to nonprofit partners dedicated to providing critical services that aided in the rebuilding and recovery process across Oregon.




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