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Motor City Community Credit Union Entrusts Lodestar Technologies as Partner on Analytics Journey

Lodestar Technologies, a leader in financial services analytics, is excited to welcome its newest client to the community. Motor City Community Credit Union (MCCCU) is a $500 million and growing financial institution based out of Windsor and Essex County, Ontario, where they operate their retail and commercial branches in a very competitive landscape.

Motor City and Lodestar jointly designed a plan to build a solid analytics foundation using the Lodestar Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence application. The multi-source data warehouse will allow Motor City to integrate data from various sources across the organization into a single source of truth. Motor City has chosen a set of connectors and workflow modules to complement the data warehouse as the credit union begins its data journey. Motor City has also tapped Lodestar to help streamline and automate much of its regulatory reporting, which will result in substantial operational efficiency gains.

Lodestar looks forward to building upon the foundation with Motor City throughout the life of the partnership. “Working with the team at Motor City has been a pleasure. They have vision on their short-term tactical plans as well as longer term strategic goals,” says Steve Mott, VP of Sales for Lodestar. “We are excited about the quick wins we can deliver to Motor City and looking forward to watching them build out a robust analytics strategy.”

Motor City’s Vice President of Innovation, Matt Hébert, has been a key partner for Lodestar throughout the process. “The vast amount of data we can access with the Lodestar Data Warehouse solution is critical in supporting our strategic initiatives. We know that having our data in a single source of truth is going to empower us to make data-driven decisions as we drive deeper relationships with our members and our community. Motor City is excited that the partnership we are building with Lodestar will ensure that we will deliver member value from our investment.”

The Lodestar technology stack, along with the technical and strategic services provided, will be leveraged across all areas of the credit union. Immediate initiatives for Motor City include:

· Integrating data from disparate systems across the organization into the Lodestar data warehouse, including the core processor, LOS, and more

· Ensuring data integrity and reinforcing data governance through the launch of our Data Quality Management workflow

· Streamlining Regulatory Reporting by leveraging the multi-source data warehouse and automated processes

With an average implementation time period of 12-16 weeks, Motor City looks forward to seeing results from the partnership in the near future. And with the additional connectors, workflows, and machine learning available from Lodestar, the partnership will continue to grow.

About Motor City Community Credit Union

For over 80 years, Motor City Community Credit Union has provided full financial services to Windsor and Essex County. Truly, a credit union built from the ground up beginning with Printers Industrial Credit Union in 1938, Motor City has stayed true to the values of co-operative banking and the credit union system in our community and continues to grow and service over 13,000 members with technology, products and services our members have come to expect. Local decision-making and putting people before profits remains a priority for Motor City Community Credit Union, now and into the future.

About Lodestar

Lodestar is a technology leader in data services and analytics for credit unions and banks in North America. The Lodestar Enterprise Data Store and workflow modules provide a turn-key data warehouse solution with the ability to integrate to all key systems used in the financial services ecosystem. In addition to integration with the Fiserv DNA core banking system, the solution also offers out-of-the-box integrations with more than 50 sources, such as credit card, loan origination, wealth management and other third-party suppliers. Coupled with its robust data warehouse and visualization platform, Lodestar also offers a wide range of tools to support all business lines, ranging from strategic initiatives and planning to day-to-day activities.


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