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Locality Bank Lays Foundation for Enhanced Data-Driven Customer Relationships, Supported by Praxent

Data warehousing and business intelligence systems will empower bank to take control of their data


AUSTIN, Texas, December 13th, 2023 – Locality Bank, a digital-first community bank, is reinventing local business banking by combining the best of personal relationships with modern technology. The company has partnered with Praxent, a financial technology consulting and engineering firm, to accelerate this ongoing mission by building a data warehousing and business intelligence system to unify and streamline customer data.   


Fort Lauderdale-based Locality Bank empowers local businesses to maximize their potential through user-friendly technology and ongoing innovation. The bank recognized several challenges associated with data existing in silos, such as limitations on ad hoc reporting and limited visibility into comprehensive customer relations. In response, the community bank partnered with Praxent to help build a data warehouse and business intelligence systems to unify customer data. The centralized data platform will allow Locality Bank to create reports more quickly and easily and make more informed, data-driven decisions about customer relationships and the business.


“We pride ourselves on being a modernized version of what a community bank should be – built digitally with local accessibility,” said Corey LeBlanc, Locality Bank Co-Founder and COO/CTO. “Praxent’s impressive skillset and digital-first, future-forward focus aligns closely with our value proposition. As a result of this engagement, we can leverage our data and uncover powerful, real-time insights that will ultimately enhance our already award-winning services for local businesses across South Florida.”


The data warehouse and business intelligence systems will enable Locality Bank to query data from multiple systems beyond its central banking system, helping align products and services to better meet customers’ needs.


“Locality Bank is helping businesses across their region grow and compete, providing digitally optimized banking tools backed by local support,” said Tim Hamilton, CEO and founder of Praxent. “We are proud to build a solid centralized data foundation layer for this community banking leader, leading to stronger relationships and better business decisions.”


About Praxent 

Praxent is a financial technology consulting and engineering firm. We help our clients command their future and reach their growth goals by delivering on their digital experience roadmaps. Specializing in end-to-end digital transformation, our team's industry experience and CAN/DO culture help our clients work with their legacy systems to launch bespoke digital experiences that serve their customers better than their competitors. 


About Locality Bank

Locality Bank is a digital-first community bank based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The bank serves local businesses with the traditional services of a community bank as well as user-friendly, cutting-edge innovation and technology. To learn more, contact Locality Bank by calling (954) 799-0900, visiting or via email at You can also follow Locality Bank on Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.



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