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Lightico to Host Credit Union Innovation Summit

By W.B. King

In a concerted effort to connect innovative credit union leaders from around the country, Lightico, in sponsorship with Mitek and Finopotamus, is hosting the inaugural Credit Union Innovation Summit. The virtual event will take place Thursday, December 10, 2020.

“Typically we’d meet many of our friends, partners and prospective customers at the various events and conferences around the world. With that on hold, and as a company that works to deliver a digital and mobile-first experience, we wanted to do the same and find ways to meet, share information and connect in the virtual world,” said Zviki Ben Ishay, CEO and Cofounder at Lightico. The company’s mission is to digitally transform the connection between businesses and their customers, making the experience effortless, efficient and unforgettable.

Lightico's CEO & Founder, Zviki Ben Ishay.

“With hundreds of credit unions already registered for the Credit Union Innovation Summit as well as a fantastic and diverse group of speakers, we’re excited for an informative and engaging summit,” Ishay continued. “Credit unions and their members have learned a great amount over the past year and this virtual face to face will be the start of some great conversations.”

Three Thought-Provoking Sessions on Tap

The event, which begins 12 p.m. eastern standard time, will consist of three sessions in the following order:Member Expectations and Behavior Post Covid-19; Expert Panel: Post COVID-19 Challenges and Member Experience in The Branch and Remote; and Credit Union Innovations: The Technology Driving Impactful Change For 2021.

Among panelists is Sabeh Samaha, CEO of technology consulting firm, Samaha and Associates, who will speak during the third session. “I am delighted to participate and happy to share my experience and give back to the credit union community,” he said. “And I look forward to learning from my colleagues as well.”

Education Credit Union’s Senior Vice President of Information Systems, Jacque Bagot, will join Samaha on the same panel and believes the Credit Union Innovation Summit will be a worthwhile experience for all involved.

“Times have been interesting, to put it mildly. Even so, this year has provided many opportunities for my team to be creative with how we use technology to better serve our members, staff and community,” said Bagot. “It is an honor to be able to share what we’ve learned, where we’ve excelled, and how we’ve made strides in meeting our members wherever they are.”

Education Credit Union’s Senior Vice President of Information Systems, Jacque Bagot.

Bagot added that she is looking forward to collaborating with her peers. “What you’re hoping to gain. We all serve each other better though sharing and collaboration – it’s a part of what makes the credit union industry so compelling,” she continued. “I’m excited to learn and gain insights from others on the panel, as well as those attending the session.”

To learn more about the Credit Union Innovation Summit, visit:


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