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Glia Challenges Dated CCaaS Paradigm with Unified Interaction Management

Transforms disjointed experiences for contact center customers, staff and managers with efficient new model that unifies interactions, replaces channel management


NEW YORK, February 6, 2024—Glia, the leader in customer interaction technology, today introduced Unified Interaction Management (UIM). This new customer experience model integrates all interactions on a single platform—architected to eliminate the data and context gaps that result from channel-switching in customer interactions. UIM replaces the disparate Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) approach—siloed digital solutions built upon a legacy telephony platform—to drive efficiency, reduce redundancy and improve the customer experience.

“Businesses that shift from channel management to Unified Interaction Management put their customers at the center of each experience, ensuring fluid movement across interaction channels to accelerate resolution,” said Dan Michaeli, CEO and Co-Founder of Glia. “UIM is the future of customer experience technology. Companies will drive efficiency, revenue and loyalty because they won’t have the limitations of traditional CCaaS. We believe this new category will completely redefine how businesses interact with their customers.”


The Case for UIM

Until today, companies had to employ disparate solutions for call center telephony, digital and AI interactions, creating operational inefficiencies and leading to poor customer experiences. Despite efforts by CCaaS vendors to provide digital and AI capabilities, their telephony-centric systems keep interactions, data and reporting on multiple screens and in fragmented channel silos.

UIM streamlines customer interactions across channels, preserving context, optimizing experiences for both customers and staff and offering richer management and reporting capabilities. Customers no longer have to repeat themselves over and over to multiple representatives in various channels—UIM elegantly moves the interaction to the optimal point of service.

“Unified Interaction Management has transformed how WyHy FCU provides member service. Our staff have more than 25 systems they might need for any given interaction to help a member. Between the core banking system, another for credit card, and yet another for debit card and bill pay, providing support can get complicated quickly. Now add in the complexity of separate phone and digital systems, plus automation across multiple platforms and this becomes very challenging. Enabling representatives to manage all interactions on one platform, on one screen has dramatically increased efficiency in terms of overall service and beyond, such as for training,” said Tim Walters, Member Experience manager for WyHy Federal Credit Union.


Glia’s Own UIM Solution

Built on Glia’s ChannelLess™Architecture, the Glia Interaction Platform fully integrates Digital Customer Service (DCS), traditional Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) capabilities and AI-powered automation (virtual assistants and staff guidance). This delivers on the promise of UIM to unite interactions, simplify the customer experience and create efficiency.

Key Features of Glia's UIM Platform Include:

  • Unified Interactions: Unify customer interactions across channels, preserving context and providing an optimized experience for customers and staff.

  • Adaptive Channel Shifting: Shift the volume of interactions between Voice, Digital, SMS and Chatbots thus increasing revenue, operational efficiency and loyalty simultaneously.

  • AI Automation: Bring AI capabilities into various steps of the customer and service rep journey to reduce workload, improve response times and drive efficiency.

“Glia’s Unified Interaction Management platform has been a game changer for WyHy Federal Credit Union, allowing us to improve our member experience while achieving tremendous efficiencies. Glia’s single unified platform sets WyHy up for future success, with the ability to align to member expectations as they evolve. Whether that’s a big increase in phone calls, digital-first interactions or a boost in chatbot use, we are ready and able to provide the best, seamless experience possible,” said Eric Valla, CIO WyHy Federal Credit Union.

To learn more about the Glia Interaction Platform and hear about February product updates sign up for our webinar, Glia’s Quarterly Product Update: Accelerating Efficiency in your Contact Center on February 22, 2024 at 1 pm ET here.


About Glia 

Glia is the leader and pioneer of Unified Interaction Management—redefining how companies connect with their customers. The Glia Interaction Platform unifies voice, digital customer service, and AI with a unique ChannelLess™ architecture that eliminates data silos, dropped context, and frustration for customers and representatives. With Glia, companies can easily shift volume between channels, and customer conversations can evolve naturally. Glia helps its customers harness the power of customer interactions to drive efficiency, loyalty, and revenue.

Glia has partnered with over 500 banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions worldwide. Named a Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ company for a fourth year in a row and a Great Place to Work , the company has raised over $150 million in funding from top investors and was recently valued at over $1 billion. Learn more at


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