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Finopotamus Video Promotes Innovative and Interactive Webinar Offering

By Finn O’Potamus

Since 2020, Finopotamus has diligently built an information bridge – publishing industry-defining original content that connects credit unions and fintechs in new and exciting ways. We are pleased to announce the next important step in this collective journey: Our one-of-a-kind, personally tailored webinar services.

Let Finopotamus promote and host your next webinar. We provide unlimited consultation on the planning and execution of the event to ensure its success.

Why Partner With Finopotamus?

  • We will brainstorm discussion topics with your team regarding the latest trends in the credit union and fintech industry.

  • We will promote your webinar on Finopotamus’ LinkedIn channels that average tens of thousands of impressions per month – a number continually growing at a rate considerably faster than our competitors.

  • Our email promotion campaign connects directly to your internal email list but originates from our webinar platform and is securely sent to approximately 14,000 credit union opt-ins and if you’re interested , we can send to 16,000 bank opt-ins as well.

New to Webinars?

No problem, Finopotamus has you covered. Hosting of your webinar event includes the following:

  • A Finopotamus co-founder moderator, if desired.

  • Integrated registration for attendees.

  • A thorough walk-through and equipment check.

  • Screen, file and video sharing.

  • Chat, polls and Q & A.

  • A custom URL link of the recording, which will be hosted permanently on and also available for your unlimited use elsewhere.

  • Robust analytics, including full reporting on registrations and attendees.

  • A promotional webinar recap article published on

So, if you want to learn more about how Finopotamus can help your team deliver a personalized, engaging webinar event geared toward supporting the credit union ethos of “people helping people,” please reach out to one of our co-founders, W.B. King, John San Filippo or Roy Urrico. We look forward to hearing from you!


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