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Finopotamus Launches the 2023-24 Edition of the Digital Banking Industry Leaders Forum

Nov. 30, 2023; San Diego, Calif. – Finopotamus, the only online resource providing in-depth technology coverage exclusively to credit unions, today announced the launch of the 2023-24 edition of the Digital Banking Industry Leaders Forum (DBILF) at Bringing together 12 industry experts from a broad range of backgrounds, the DBILF is designed to aggregate focused commentary from across North America. Participants and their respective articles include:

“All the participants chose their own topics,” said Finopotamus Publisher John San Filippo. “By learning what ideas are important to each vendor, credit union technologists can see which ones align with their credit unions’ digital banking goals and objectives. Finopotamus did all the leg work so our readers don’t have to.”

San Filippo also noted that in 2024, Finopotamus will be launching additional Industry Leaders Forums. “We’ve received a lot of requests for a Payments Industry Leaders Forum, so that’s what we have slated for Q1,” he said. “In Q2, we’ll cover artificial intelligence and machine learning, in Q3 we’ll look at core processing, and Q4 will bring us back around to digital banking.”

About Finopotamus Finopotamus is an online publication created by industry veterans W.B. King, John San Filippo, and Roy Urrico to bring credit unions technology news and original content not found elsewhere. The publication looks at technology best practices across multiple industries to bring credit unions the broadest range of relevant information. The publication’s tagline is Fintech News for Hungry CUs. Visit Finopotamus at


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