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Envisant Empowers a Competitive Advantage with Harness Partnership

 Naperville, IL. May 14, 2024 – Envisant, a leading provider of data-driven solutions for the financial industry, today announced a partnership with Harness, an impact-focused financial technology company dedicated to translating credit unions’ people-first approach into a competitive advantage.

This collaboration brings together Envisant's expertise with Harness' proven member engagement strategies. The partnership aims to address a critical challenge faced by credit unions: maintaining their competitive edge in a rapidly digitalizing landscape while preserving their commitment to member relationships and their community.

"Credit unions have a long-standing reputation for fostering local communities and building enduring member loyalty," said Libby Calderone, President/COO at Envisant. "However, the industry's shift towards digitalization has threatened to erode these core strengths."

Harness bridges this gap by equipping credit unions with the tools and insights needed to deepen member relationships in a meaningful way. Their approach leverages data-driven insights and proven digital tools to create personalized card engagement programs that are easily scalable.

“A credit union’s primary advantage is its commitment to the local community,” explains Miraj Patel, CEO/Co-Founder at Harness. “By analyzing member spend data, we can collaborate with credit unions to offer personalized card-based programming that enables members to support the small businesses and causes they care about most. This not only strengthens that community advantage but positions credit unions as a powerful competitor in the digital space.”

The Envisant-Harness partnership empowers credit unions to:

  • Deepen Member Relationships: Harness' solutions help credit unions build stronger relationships with members through custom, card-linked programs that offer cardholders a local, more personalized experience.

  • Embrace Digitalization: The partnership equips credit unions with seamless and scalable solutions that layer on top of existing card programs, offering modern tools and expertise needed to thrive in the digital age.

  • Drive Growth: By leveraging data-driven insights from consumer spending, credit unions benefit from targeted programs that drive member engagement, card usage, and member acquisition.

This strategic alliance positions Envisant and Harness as valuable partners for credit unions seeking to navigate the digital landscape while staying true to their member-focused mission.

About Envisant 

Envisant is a credit union service organization helping nearly 2,000 credit unions across all 50 states achieve their vision. A subsidiary of the Illinois Credit Union League, our product strategy features credit and debit programs, prepaid debit cards, portfolio development consulting, agent credit card programs, and ATM services. Get to know us at


About Harness

Co-founded in 2016 by Miraj Patel and Andrew Scarborough, Harness is an impact-focused fintech platform connecting consumers with nonprofits, financial institutions, and their communities. Harness links daily spending with causes consumers care about; offering financial institutions fresh ways to engage members, drive deposits, and meet business goals. For more information, visit today.



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