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ekko Set to Lead on Embedded Sustainability in 2023

ekko opens up its award-winning technology to empower employers, payment providers and banks to take a lead on sustainability

London-based, green fintech ekko is gearing up for a year of sustained growth. Today, the company revealed a series of unique product updates, and has opened up its service to employers, banks and payment providers for the first time. These exciting announcements come ahead of the imminent announcement of the company’s expert advisory board.

ekko offers embedded sustainability for the digital economy. The start-up’s award-winning technology combines real-time carbon tracking, carbon offsetting, reforestation and plastic waste removal with banking and payment services into one multichannel and simple to deploy solution. For the first time, ekko’s service is now available to employers, banks and payment providers around the globe, whereas previously, it has only been available to consumers.

ekko has announced today that it has launched an expanded product suite, which includes the ‘ekko API’ for any payment provider or bank in the world to use the real-time impact technology and ‘ekko incentives’, an employee benefit platform to empower teams to live more sustainably. The new solutions will enable businesses and individuals across a multitude of sectors and geographies to embed sustainability into every transaction. In doing so, the company is spearheading the use of financial services in the battle to tackle climate change.

Backed by a founding team of respected banking and fintech industry experts, ekko has a strong purpose: to use the reach of financial services to empower people and businesses to start their sustainability journey. ekko’s partnerships already include giving access to UEFA Champions League football clubs with PAYFAN, and household name businesses.

As part of its commitment to everyday environmental empowerment, ekko remains a member of the Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition. The global platform is helping to unite corporate sustainability efforts while encouraging businesses and users to take collective action on climate goals. In particular, the forest restoration model is dedicated to the planting of 100 million trees and regrowing forests in geographies with the greatest global need.

CEO and Co-Founder, Oli Cook, said: “ekko’s vision is to empower more people to have the ability to reduce their impact on the environment. We have opened-up our technology to any employer, bank, card, or payment provider meaning thousands of organisations can now deliver tangible and measurable impact with their colleagues and customers.

“The financial services industry has the potential to be a gateway to green for many, and we plan on making 2023 the year when this gateway fully opens. Our powerful technology allows employers and banks to customise the solution to meet their ESG goals, including on-the-ground partnerships with businesses such as Prevented Ocean Plastic who save and recycle plastic bottles before they hit our oceans.”


About ekko:

ekko exists to empower millions of consumers and businesses around the world to take on climate change. A provider of embedded sustainability, ekko empowers employers, payment providers, card issuers or any bank in the world with their real-time technology that can track carbon footprints, carbon offset impact, support reforestation, save our oceans from plastic amongst many more impact initiatives. The customisable platform means it can be tailored to every brand's needs and used to deliver unique and compelling propositions, ensuring that each transaction can have a positive impact.


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