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Educational Federal Credit Union Selects Baker Hill Omnichannel...

...Marketing Services to Drive Member Relationships

CARMEL, Ind., Feb. 22, 2023Baker Hill, a leading financial technology provider in delivering solutions for loan origination, risk management and analytics, today announced that Educational Federal Credit Union has selected Baker Hill NextGen® Omnichannel Marketing.

To further drive membership growth and deepen relationships with existing and prospective members, Educational Federal Credit Union (EdFed) has partnered with Baker Hill and will leverage the company’s NextGen® Omnichannel Marketing solution. EdFed, the credit union for educators, students, and their families, has served the educational community since 1935. With affordable financial products and quality service solutions, EdFed provides membership benefits to the employees and students of Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Miami Dade College, as well members affiliated with other educational-focused groups.

EdFed specifically sought to expand existing member relationships by deepening lending and deposit product participation, while also acquiring new members through increased awareness of the EdFed brand. The credit union chose to partner with Baker Hill because of their extensive expertise in financial services marketing and consultative approach. Baker Hill’s proven ability to leverage data, recommend growth goals, as well as develop, execute and track omnichannel marketing campaigns helped distinguish Baker Hill’s solution from others in the market.

Baker Hill NextGen® Omnichannel Marketing integrates all of the credit union’s data, eliminating silos and incomplete information to provide a full picture of marketing and cross-sell opportunities, as well as campaign performance. The platform uses the credit union’s member demographics, geographics and product usage to help target key members throughout the year with specific offers and product recommendations to keep EdFed top of mind when it comes to their financial needs. Additionally, Baker Hill NextGen® Omnichannel Marketing features always-on digital and direct marketing capabilities that allow EdFed to increase the results of cross-selling efforts and upsell deposit products and services. The solution also features an onboarding system that ensures each new member is fully aware of all of the relevant products and services the credit union offers.

“Throughout our history, EdFed has remained committed to providing our members with high-quality financial products and exceptional service. Our members are educators, students, and their families, which means they play a vital role in our local communities. Helping our members save money and achieve their financial dreams remains our top priority,” said Stephen Kalman-Jacoby, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Educational Federal Credit Union. “That’s why we chose to work with Baker Hill and use their NextGen® Omnichannel Marketing solution. Through this partnership, we will have more opportunities to grow our field of membership while nurturing deeper relationships with our existing members, which will allow us to better serve the needs of the educational community.”

“Engaging members on a personal level while growing deposits and loans in a cost-effective way is a challenge for credit unions in any economic environment. Baker Hill takes the guesswork out of growth and makes it easier for institutions like EdFed to execute successful marketing campaigns based on data analytics,” said John M. Deignan, President and CEO of Baker Hill. “Our NextGen® Omnichannel Marketing solution will allow EdFed to engage members in a personalized way, delivering the most relevant product offers to the right members at the right times. We look forward to working with EdFed and supporting their continued growth.”

About Baker Hill

Baker Hill is in the business of evolving loan origination by combining expertise in technology with expertise in banking. Built on decades of walking alongside banks and credit unions as they provide vital resources to their communities, Baker Hill NextGen® is a configurable, single platform SaaS solution for commercial, small business, consumer loan origination, and risk management that grows along with you as your business needs change. Baker Hill is lending evolved. For more information, visit


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