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Corridor Platforms Partners with JAM FINTOP 

HAWORTH, N. J.,  Jan. 24, 2024 – Corridor Platforms, a next-gen digital decision platform enabling banks to leapfrog to best-in-class digital decisioning capabilities economically and quickly, has partnered with JAM FINTOP(1), a venture capital firm that invests in bank technology on behalf of regulated financial institutions. 


The rapid adoption of digital lending and banking products by consumers is redefining loyalty in the banking industry. Despite investing in front-end digital capabilities, mid-tier banks may encounter obstacles in achieving high-quality, real-time decisioning capabilities due to legacy data infrastructure, competition for analytical talent, and manual or inefficient compliance processes.  With consumers having easy access to alternatives and due to sophisticated targeting over the internet, smaller banks that are slow to transform may find it difficult to win and retain attractive customers. 


“Banks that do not prioritize upgrading their digital decisioning capabilities risk falling behind and losing significant market share to competitors who are adopting comprehensive digital transformation strategies, incorporating hyper-personalized models and advanced real-time decision strategies,” said Manish Gupta, Corridor Platforms CEO. 


Corridor Platforms Risk Decisioning-as-a-Service (RDaaS) offering enables turnkey digital lending and deposit programs for mid-size banks, credit unions and credit card providers. RDaaS leverages advanced analytics, AI and the cloud to deliver instant decisions necessary to support digital initiatives such as point-of-sale financing, digital loans, cross-selling, deposit pricing and real-time credit limit changes. With RDaaS, institutions can capitalize on a hosted advanced decisioning cloud that integrates external and internal data sources, while ensuring that banks retain full control over compliance and governance. 


With this offering, Corridor brings the collective power of the industry’s leading technology, analytics, and governance experts together to create a solution that makes banks competitive quickly, while transferring critical know-how so that they become self-dependent in the future.  Corridor transfers transformational capabilities to the bank, reducing continued dependency on third party providers for core functions that regulators expect banks to have in-house. 


Gupta added, "The decision to build, buy, or rent decisioning capability is a strategic one. While outsourcing some parts, like a risk score, may give you some immediate impact, it is imperative that you become self-sufficient in-house sooner rather than later for all your digital decisioning components to achieve sustained differentiation.  All of banking will soon be digital, and it is not advisable to outsource a core function."  


“The JAM FINTOP Network of banks is increasingly looking for ways to leverage data lakes, upgrade their own digital decisioning and analytics capabilities to compete against the large banks and nimble fintechs. We are excited to partner with Corridor Platforms to help mid-market banks do this quickly and cost-effectively,” said Adam Aspes, Managing Partner, JAM Special Opportunity Ventures. 


In addition to JAM FINTOP’s performance warrant, EXL Service and Oliver Wyman are strategic investors in Corridor and have a long history of working with Corridor to support client needs.  


About Corridor Platforms 

Corridor Platforms is a leading provider of proprietary decision workflow governance and automation software. The company’s decisioning platform was created by a team of highly seasoned credit professionals leveraging the most advanced analytics and big data capabilities. The core leadership team comprises of senior executives with decades of experience designing, underwriting, pricing and managing multi-billion-dollar lending portfolios through multiple credit and recessionary cycles. Corridor Platforms Inc. is majority owned by its founders, with additional investment from EXL Service and Oliver Wyman. For more information visit or connect with us via LinkedIn



JAM FINTOP is a joint venture between JAM Special Opportunity Ventures and FINTOP Capital. The partnership brings together bank experts and seasoned fintech entrepreneurs to invest in companies changing the way financial institutions and their customers move, track, and interact with money. For more information, visit


(1) JAM FINTOP is a brand name. When referring to investment funds JAM FINTOP refers to the joint venture between JAM Special Opportunity Ventures – Management (JSOV-M) and Nested Rails (d/b/a FINTOP Capital) as co-investment managers of those investment funds. JAM Special Opportunity Ventures (JSOV), an affiliate of JSOV-M, is a member of the general partnerships of JAM FINTOP investment funds. 




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