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Bankjoy +  Pinwheel Partnership Gives Banks and Credit Unions Easy Access to the Industry’s Most Advanced Digital Deposit Switching Solution, Pinwheel Prime

Bankjoy customers can achieve account primacy by eliminating the friction that causes 90% of users to drop off. The Pinwheel Prime platform allows consumers to set up their direct deposit in seconds.


DETROIT – April 16, 2024 —Bankjoy, a leading digital banking provider for banks and credit unions across the U.S., has announced its partnership with Pinwheel, a fintech that helps financial institutions win primacy with frictionless account activation.


Through the partnership, Bankjoy will help its customers easily integrate the industry’s most advanced digital deposit switching (DDS) solution, Pinwheel Prime, into the digital banking experiences for over 70 banks and credit unions nationwide. Customers of banks or credit unions that use Bankjoy can take advantage of Pinwheel Prime’s two-click deposit switch, transforming a multi-step process requiring customers to leave the bank experience into a fully integrated digital journey that takes mere seconds.

Drawing on Pinwheel’s success with applications like Cash App, which saw a significant increase in direct deposits in a challenging liquidity environment, Bankjoy aims to provide similar advantages to credit unions and community banks. This collaboration allows these institutions to compete effectively by offering an easy and fast deposit switch option.

Pinwheel's research shows t


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