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BankiFi Recognized as a Key Player in Celent's...

..."Becoming a Challenger in Small Business Banking" Report

COLUMBUS, Ohio – June 13, 2023 - BankiFi, a leading provider of embedded banking solutions, has been featured prominently in Celent's latest report titled "Becoming a Challenger in Small Business Banking." The report highlights BankiFi’s innovative approach and expertise in empowering financial institutions to deliver superior banking experiences to small businesses.

Celent, a globally recognized research and advisory firm for the financial industry, evaluated BankiFi as a key player in the small business banking space. The report showcases BankiFi’s advanced embedded finance solutions that enable banks to offer personalized and seamless services tailored specifically for small businesses.

Keith Riddle, CEO of BankiFi Americas, expressed pride in the recognition, stating, "Being featured in Celent's report is a testament to our commitment to driving innovation and delivering tangible value to financial institutions. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we are dedicated to empowering banks to meet their unique needs. This recognition reaffirms our position as a trusted partner for banks seeking to become challengers in the small business banking arena."

Alenka Grealish, Principal Analyst at Celent, emphasized the significance of BankiFi’s inclusion in the report, stating, "BankiFi stands out for enabling banks to solve critical financial pain points faced by small businesses. By embedding BankiFi’s workflow efficiency tools in its digital channels, a bank will not only differentiate itself but also deepen its customer relationship and increase customer lifetime value.”

Celent's report highlights BankiFi’s deep industry insights and advanced technology solutions, which have enabled banks to unlock new revenue streams, enhance customer experiences, and drive digital transformation in small business banking. By leveraging BankiFi Americas' expertise, financial institutions can stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional value to their small business customers.

BankiFi Americas and Celent will continue to collaborate in advancing innovation and transformation in the financial services sector. Through joint initiatives, such as research projects, industry reports, and thought leadership articles, both organizations will provide valuable insights and guidance to financial institutions looking to thrive in the digital era.

About BankiFi Americas

BankiFi Americas is a leading provider of embedded finance solutions that enable financial institutions to create personalized and frictionless banking experiences. With a focus on empowering banks with new revenue streams and customer-centric products, BankiFi Americas helps institutions thrive in the evolving digital landscape.


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