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Arteria AI Appoints New Chief Financial Officer and Global Head of Professional Services

AI-enabled documentation company internally promotes leaders to support continued growth

NEW YORK – June 20, 2023 – Arteria AI, an award-winning global leader in enterprise digital documentation infrastructure, today announced two recent internal placements: John Wallace as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer and Bailey Dougherty as its new Global Head of Professional Services.

Wallace joined Arteria in 2021, previously serving as the Global Head of Professional Services. A proven business leader with 25 years of experience advising global clients on financial processes, systems and analytics, he holds a Chartered Professional Accountant designation with a breadth of operational excellence.

Joining Arteria last year as a Director of Professional Services, Dougherty will now assume Wallace’s previous role for the company. She brings over 20 years of customer service experience focused on fostering strong relationships that drive action for her clients. Dougherty is particularly talented at building and scaling high-functioning and collaborative teams that produce tangible value for clients.

“We are very excited to announce these appointments,” said Shelby Austin, Co-founder and CEO of Arteria AI. “Both John and Bailey have proven to be vital members of our team with the expertise and passion for driving our company’s and our clients’ success. I am confident that John and Bailey will bring that same passion to their new roles, helping us further grow.”

Built by technologists, scientists, lawyers and financial services experts, Arteria AI’s platform has been deployed at some of the largest, top-ranked financial institutions around the world, focused on accelerating documentation and data processes to deliver fast and accurate documentation experiences to customers, while lowering the cost and risk of doing business. The company remains committed to empowering its clients by providing them with fast, intelligent document processing capabilities that streamline their operations, reduce inefficiencies, provide valuable insights, enhance compliance and improve their overall documentation experience.

About Arteria AI

Powered by data, Arteria AI is trusted by the world’s largest banks to transform client document processes at enterprise scale – working smarter and faster to maximize revenue and save time and cost. Arteria AI's client documentation solution removes the need for legacy manual processes by structuring data during the documentation lifecycle to speed up decision-making processes for all stakeholders with a highly intuitive front-end.

Built by subject matter experts, data scientists and technologists, Arteria AI's solution unleashes the power of data to help global, regulated financial institutions solve client document complexity at scale. Adopting an innovative data-first approach, our AI-powered enterprise-ready solution takes the friction out of the paper trail.


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