Shastic Announces Rebranding Campaign and New Website


San Francisco, March 8, 2022 – Shastic, an RPA-as-a-Service for banking, announced its extensive rebranding effort, including a fresh, new logo and a revamped website. This latest rebrand reflects Shastic’s commitment to convenience and efficiency.

Shastic’s new website features an updated look and layout that better demonstrates its services and key values. The new website illustrates Shastic’s various integrations in clear, easy-to-understand language and lists the practical ways that Shastic improves banking processes.

The Shastic rebrand also includes an emphasis on theming and voice. The company leans heavily on the imagery and language of magic since Shastic delivers efficiencies for bankers. The way Shastic executes typically time-consuming processes and determines the best next steps with artificial intelligence seems impossible, like magic, but Shastic uses machine learning and a cloud-based structure to increase efficiency unlike any other RPA.

“With this rebranding, we wanted to get across how powerful Shastic is and how it functions for the banks and credit unions who use it,” said Joseariel Gomez, founder and CEO of Shastic. “But, of course, it isn’t magic. It’s the result of a lot of our unique approach and a lot of hard work. We think this new look will make it clear that Shastic is the number one RPA service for bankers.”

Shastic’s one-of-a-kind method for RPA sets it apart from the competition. The technology lives on top of preexisting systems, which cuts down on implementation time from months to days and communicates across programs. Shastic uses AI to monitor the knowledge worker’s workflow and determine the next best steps. Visitors can also request a demo to see for themselves how Shastic works at

About Shastic

Shastic built the first-ever zero-investment Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform specialized for banking. We offer our technology as a Cloud service that does not require an upfront IT investment nor a long implementation process as other RPA platforms. Trusted by 50 financial institutions across the U.S., our platform allows financial institutions to increase their capacity and processing speed by 10 times using the same resources and processes they have in place today while achieving a 10x return on their investment. Shastic has partnered with Finastra, MeridianLink and Access Softek to help financial institutions streamline banking processes and improve customer service. Learn more at