PSCU Launches Unified Agent Desktop Contact Center Solution

New solution reduces call times and enhances the member experience


St. Petersburg, Fla. — (March 16, 2021) — PSCU, the nation’s premier payments credit union service organization (CUSO), has announced the launch of its newest contact center solution, Unified Agent Desktop. Following a successful pilot in late 2020, in which average call handle time and average call hold time were reduced from peak levels by 11% and 30%, respectively, Unified Agent Desktop is now in use by PSCU Card Services agents across the country. Powered by Jacada, the program enables PSCU contact center agents to better serve as multi-skilled universal agents, delivering a personalized experience for credit union members. PSCU’s Unified Agent Desktop (UAD) features an intuitive user interface, dynamic agent assistance and workflows in a consolidated desktop – all of which allow for more single-call resolutions and improved efficiency through process automation. Additionally, UAD reduces classroom training time for new contact center agents by 25% and accelerates time-to-proficiency for new agents by two months. “Not only does Unified Agent Desktop lower call handle times and reduce training time for agents, it also facilitates a consistent, more personalized, and more efficient credit union member experience,” said Rini Fredette, senior vice president, Contact Center Services and Solutions at PSCU. “As just one example, UAD helps reduce travel notification call times for members from an average of eight to ten minutes to less than three minutes. We are extremely pleased with the success we have seen so far with the solution and look forward to using UAD to further enhance our contact center services, ensure compliance and improve the member experience.” Unified Agent Desktop follows PSCU’s product design elements that incorporate simplicity and anticipation to support users and enhance member satisfaction. UAD is connected to PSCU’s Data eXchange API platform, which powers its digital product suite. The process flows built for UAD can also be used in future technology, enabling connectivity for various functions as PSCU continues to expand its digital channels and capabilities – providing a seamless experience for credit unions and their members. Following PSCU’s successful implementation of robotic process automation in its contact centers in partnership with Jacada, UAD is part of PSCU’s multi-step plan to elevate contact center services by replacing legacy and complex systems with modern, open-sourced technology. Through this phased approach, which started in 2018 and is projected for completion in 2022, PSCU is avoiding disruption at its high-volume contact centers throughout the U.S. About PSCU PSCU, the nation’s premier payments CUSO, supports the success of 1,500 credit unions representing more than 5.4 billion transactions annually. Committed to service excellence and focused on innovation, PSCU’s payment processing, risk management, data and analytics, loyalty programs, digital banking, marketing, strategic consulting and mobile platforms help deliver possibilities and seamless member experiences. Comprehensive, 24/7/365 member support is provided by contact centers located throughout the United States. The origin of PSCU’s model is collaboration and scale, and the company has leveraged its influence on behalf of credit unions and their members for more than 40 years. Today, PSCU provides an end-to-end, competitive advantage that enables credit unions to securely grow and meet evolving consumer demands. For more information, visit # # #