Patelco Credit Union Leverages Automation to Empower Employees’ Focus on Members’ Financial Health

Digital Align helps improve efficiencies by applying RPA to 35 processes

Digital Align

Merced, Calif., Nov. 30, 2021 – The $9 billion Patelco Credit Union has increased loan application speed and data quality through implementing robotic process automation (RPA), allowing employees more time to focus on their members and provide better, more personalized service. The San Francisco Bay-area credit union worked with Digital Align, a consultancy specializing in strategic digital transformation for credit unions and community banks through automation, on the initiative to deploy automation. “As a credit union dedicated to the financial health and wellbeing of our members, creating personal connections is really important to us,” L.J. Grossweiler, home loan pricing and systems administration manager at Patelco, said. “We want our team members to focus on members, not the process.” Automating simple, repetitive loan processes has saved valuable time that staff are now able to spend building a relationship and personal connection with its members. Digital Align understands the credit union business and common challenges and designs solutions for business processes to put the right automations in place to provide the greatest impact. Prior to Digital Align’s consultation and execution, Patelco’s complex loan origination system required several time-consuming, manual steps to process a loan application. Using the power of market-leading enterprise automation software from UiPath, the partnership has yielded automation of 35 mortgage processes in just 4 months. Since May 2021, these RPA bots have performed 900,000 tasks, ran 60,000 processes at a 94% success rate. "Successfully implementing and deploying more than 35 processes in just five months was not an easy task," said Lakshmi Parameshwaran, Head of Delivery at Digital Align Inc. "The three main contributors for this success are people - collaboration between Patelco Credit Union and the Digital Align technical team, process - detailed documentation and iterative approach of delivering processes every sprint, and product - implementing automation on UiPath, the best-in-class RPA platform." “Let the humans take care of the members and the bots take care of the tasks,” Grossweiler added. Despite the benefits of automation, teams may be initially reluctant when it comes to automation, but they quickly come around to it as they see it’s being deployed to make their jobs easier. “Our unique approach of rolling out the on-demand processes to staff members made the staff feel in control during the initial phases and gain confidence in the bots, which made it easy to fully automate the processes,” Denise Cadwell, Mortgage and Consumer Lending Subject Matter Expert at Digital Align, said. “This approach strengthened the trust of the staff.” About Digital Align Digital Align is an experienced team of experts who streamline processes so financial institutions can do more with less. Our Digital Transformation and Solution experts understand how to deploy innovative solutions to enhance capabilities and capacity across all departments within financial institutions. We have decades of experience building digital strategy roadmaps, developing executable plans and implementing digital solutions to generate better ROIs for financial institutions.