Mortgage Cadence Unveils New Brand, Launches Updated Website

Mortgage Cadence

DENVER, October 15, 2021 – Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture (NYSE: ACN) company, announced today a new look and feel to its brand, which includes a new website. The new Mortgage Cadence logo depicts the company’s focus on bringing the latest LOS & POS technology to the mortgage industry and shows the company’s focus on delivering modern solutions and experiences. The fresh brand also paves the way for the new Mortgage Cadence Platform and reflects how Mortgage Cadence is growing and evolving as its platform evolves. As a company, Mortgage Cadence consistently works to ensure that it stays flexible as it works to meet the needs of each customer. The new, more user-friendly website will reflect this new brand and align with the evolving features and functionality of the Mortgage Cadence Platform. “We are really excited for this new era at Mortgage Cadence. Our refreshed logo and brand positions us for the future, shows our commitment to innovation & improvement and demonstrates how we drive the beat of our clients’ digital mortgage strategy to deliver an exceptional mortgage experience,” said Megan Martin, EVP Marketing at Mortgage Cadence. “We have some really exciting technology coming down the line and we always want to ensure that our brand reflects our mission and the work we are doing with our platform. We want our customers to know that we’re listening to their needs and adapting our offerings in order to provide the best service possible.” Mortgage Cadence delivers the industry’s most modern, complete, cloud based digital lending platform. Uniquely positioned to bring a full end-to-end single system, while still working at scale with a customizable and configurable, open architecture, the Mortgage Cadence Platform delivers an exceptional user experience throughout the entire lending lifecycle across all channels and products. ### About Mortgage Cadence Mortgage Cadence delivers the industry’s most complete, modern, cloud-based digital lending platform designed to provide an exceptional user experience throughout the entire mortgage lending life cycle, across all channels and products. With a leading borrower point-of-sale through closing collaboration tools, the end-to-end platform is both complete and configurable offering an open-architecture designed to meet the needs of today’s lenders. The platform enables lenders to work more efficiently, leveraging automation and workflow tools that deliver an excellent borrower, sales and operational user experience. For more information visit Contact: Megan Martin EVP, Marketing Mortgage Cadence 516.480.6765