Member Support Services Hires SVP of IT to Drive Credit Unions’ Member Experience

CUSO Sees Tremendous Opportunity to Enhance CU Technology & Service

Member Support Services

Cranbury, NJ (October 12, 2021): Member Support Services, LLC — the credit union service organization (CUSO) helping the industry focus on serving its members through technology, operational efficiencies, and economies of scale — has hired Scott Gammer as Senior Vice President of Information Technology (IT). Gammer will enhance credit unions’ member service through a variety of MSS technology platforms, systems, back-office and mid-office service offerings, and ingenuity and innovation. He will ensure credit unions’ day-to-day operations through security and infrastructure management, help-desk and operational support, and target opportunities where IT and business operations can partner together. “Everything we do in information technology as a CUSO needs to be for the betterment of credit union members,” Gammer said. “Their ownership in the credit union is their livelihood. We can’t just implement technology functions — we have to put the right solutions in place while also remaining extremely cost-conscience.” He looks forward to reinforcing the member experience through better availability of credit union service representatives, allowing multiple touchpoints for members to get their questions answered through loan and product channels — and faster. Developing robust member-facing systems that are always available so members can interact with their credit union in a variety of ways, 24-7, is important. Improving upon these interactions through various technology streams is imperative, pivoting off MSS’s existing collaboration with partnering credit unions. “Credit union staff should have the ability to connect anytime and anywhere with members to service them,” Gammer said. Additionally, providing back-office IT systems that are redundant and resilient is essential, as members crave the ability to access and transact funds anytime on-demand, as well as safely and securely, Gammer added. Members need to feel assured their credit union is taking every precaution to protect their privacy against cyber-criminals when it comes to protecting data and safeguarding individual identities, which MSS facilitates and provides. Overall, Gammer brings senior-leadership IT experience from both small and large organizations within the financial, insurance, retail, and utility arenas — all highly regulated industries having extremely “customer focused” environments. His diverse background provides a unique current-day perspective on what different organizations face as they grow and effectively build teams to manage challenging IT profiles. His experience in building-out and providing key platforms and solutions fits squarely into the credit union industry’s member-owner centric model. Gammer says at the end of the day, technology is an enabler to transform business goals into reality. Members are both owners and customers — and the goal is to continually make their experience better than what it is today. “I see tremendous opportunities where IT and business functions within credit unions can collaborate together to make the member experience a ‘WOW’ experience,” Gammer said. “That’s something we are not seeing in a lot of organizations today. I look forward to our shared future with credit unions and their members — and I’m excited to be a part of it.” About Member Support Services, LLC (MSS) Member Support Services, LLC (MSS), located in Cranbury, NJ, is a shared services Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that processes middle- and back-office operations for its shareholder credit unions. MSS believes that collaboration is the hallmark of credit unions’ business model — and credit unions can leverage it strategically for efficiencies to help their members thrive! MSS creates operational efficiency and cost savings through economies of scale and standardization, while allowing credit unions to focus even more intently on serving their members. Shared services provides organizations the ability to launch more robust initiatives than they could have on their own, garner substantial operational cost savings, and reap a significant boost in negotiating power. ( ###