Lob's "2022 State of Direct Mail" Report Finds Enterprise Marketers Double Down on Direct Mail to Better Engage Customers

Research Reveals Direct Mail Delivers More Than 67% Higher ROI Compared to Other Marketing Channels


SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 10, 2022  -- Direct mail is seeing a dramatic uptick as enterprises double investments in this channel to engage customers at different points throughout their journey, with more than 67% of marketers agreeing that the direct mail channel gives them the maximum ROI, according to the industry's second direct mail impact report from Lob and Comperemedia.

Lob, the only direct mail automation platform, today announced findings from its second industry report, 2022 State of Direct Mail. The findings reveal direct mail is seeing a dramatic uptick as enterprises double investments in this channel to engage customers at different points throughout their journey. More than 67% agree that the direct mail channel gives them the best ROI of any channel they use.

2022 State of Direct Mail explores the value of direct mail as part of an omnichannel marketing strategy to drive acquisition, retention, and reduce churn. According to the report, 95% of all marketers are integrating direct mail into their existing digital strategy, through marketing automation and CRM tools.

The report, conducted by Comperemedia, gleaned data from 170 marketing executives from companies across the US with 1,000 or more employees within specific industries that send up to over 500M mailpieces per year.

The research also revealed that automation is a key driver in this increase in direct mail spend.

Half (51%) use a software/technology platform to execute campaigns, possibly transforming old legacy processes to enable personalization and analytics.

"Software is clearly the way to take advantage of newer trends in direct mail–from personalization to campaign attribution," said Ritu Kapoor, CMO of Lob. "Lob customers have seen 13X returns on direct mail campaigns as compared to digital channels."

The report also revealed the importance of measuring the impact of direct mail on customer campaigns. 86% of marketers believe that their company can easily determine the contribution of direct mail on their total campaign ROI. Similar to digital channels, the availability of targeted customer and delivery data helps them optimize all future campaigns.

"The data shows that only 5% of marketers use direct mail as a standalone channel - it appears most marketers are amplifying their marketing by coordinating exposure across multiple channels. "- Comperemedia

2022 State of Direct Mail offers insights, best practices, trends, and recommendations for organizations that invest in or are looking to invest in direct mail to increase campaign ROI.

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