HomeTown Bank Taps FIntegrate to Streamline Collections and Recovery, Dispute Management

Ala.-based bank increases operational efficiencies with FusionCRS and FusionDMS


BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FIntegrate, a data-driven analytics company focused on portfolio tracking, collections and revenue recovery and transaction dispute management software for the financial industry, announced that HomeTown Bank has integrated its platform for both FusionCRS™ collection and recovery software and FusionDMS for dispute management solution.

With FusionCRS, HomeTown Bank is equipped to streamline collection and recovery operations and improve reporting, as well as track all communications, texts, emails and reporting requirements. Leveraging advanced collection and recovery software powered by predictive intelligence and automated risk scoring capabilities positions the bank to increase revenue, reduce loan losses, enhance collections and improve operational efficiencies.

HomeTown Bank has also launched FusionDMS, FIntegrate’s dispute management solution for credit bureau disputes, credit/debit card, ACH, wire and check fraud. Designed to simplify and expedite the administration of any type dispute or return requests for unauthorized transactions, FusionDMS helps the bank deliver more automation, structured management and procedural policies, while integrating with their existing systems, archiving all transaction and dispute history and complies with all regulatory and credit bureau transaction requirements.

“I believe there is an imperative within the financial services industry to ‘automate or die hiring,’” said Danny Kelly, CEO, HomeTown Bank. “Automated worflows and centralized data have proven to be critical in the post-Covid landscape when it comes to collections and dispute resolution, and FIntegrate’s platform has allowed us to keep pace with the rapidly changing industry. Not only do the FusionCRS and FusionDMS solutions seamlessly operate alongside our existing systems, but FIntegrate also demonstrates an unparalleled willingness to ensure the product is fully customized to support our immediate needs and strategic growth.”

“We are pleased to announce that HomeTown Bank has choosen to implement both FusionCRS and FusionDMS as their new consolidated Collections and Recovery and Dispute Management platform enterprise wide,” said Kris Bishop, CEO, FIntegrate. “With FIntegrate, the bank is empowered with predictive analytics and data-driven AI to better understand future needs on loan loss, recovery and collections, as well as dispute management, ultimately realizing greater operational efficiencies while enhancing the bottomline.”

About HomeTown Bank

Founded in 2003, Ala.-based HomeTown Bank strives to serve the citizens of Blount County and surrounding areas by delivering a personal experience through meaningful and convenient interactions. Locally owned and operated, the bank is driven by serving its community and take pride in being a modern bank with old-fashioned values. To discover more, visit www.hometownbankal.com.

About FIntegrate Technology

FIntegrate Technology, headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., is a data-driven collections and analytics company focused on portfolio tracking, revenue recovery and transaction dispute management software for the financial services industry. Its FusionCRS™ solution is a fully featured collection and recovery management system that helps financial institutions streamline collections operations, improve collection resource productivity and increase results. For more information, visit https://www.fintegratetech.com/.