Growth Plans Lead SkyOne FCU to Hybrid-Cloud Robotic Process Automation as a Service

One bot could save $16,000/month!

Digital Align

The $600+ million SkyOne Federal Credit Union is on a path to growth, but instead of forcing employees to work harder or hiring more, the recently installed executive team decided it was time to work smarter. Several processes the credit union was performing manually were monotonous for employees and time consuming for the credit union’s payroll. SkyOne FCU partnered with Digital Align to determine the best way to leverage robotic process automation. SkyOne became the first Digital Align client to adopt the hybrid cloud-based Process-as-a-Service model offered by Digital Align. Installing digital assistants – RPA bots – to perform mundane tasks just in the card dispute and charge-offs processes has saved the credit union dozens of hours a month, staved off potential compliance headaches and boosted employee morale. Using Digital Align’s unique PaaS, the bots will continue to run within the credit union’s secure network, keeping all sensitive data safe but managed by a cloud orchestrator, allowing SkyOne to scale-up as needed in the future and minimize the dependency on internal IT and infrastructure. SkyOne FCU Chief Technology Officer Michael Carlos joined the credit union about a year ago. “I look at the organization, and we're not a huge organization, but we are growing very fast,” he acknowledged. “We’ve been very successful over the last two years, but it is evident that we need some help in terms of adding more efficiency because of our growth spurt.” Carlos continued, “After talking to folks who had worked with Digital Align and interviewing their current clients, gathering some very candid feedback, and talking to Rajesh [Patil, CEO of Digital Align] and understanding his approach, for the size of our organization for the things we want to do for the pilot, Digital Align was the right fit for the hands-on involvement we needed.” Just one bot working on card dispute and charge off processes has saved the SkyOne team 32 hours per month, but at full capacity one bot could save around $16,000 per month in compensation expenses. “That's what was so exciting about this opportunity is just seeing that time savings!” SkyOne FCU Card Services Manager Randy May said excitedly. “These are steps we should not have to spend the time on. Now we have more investigative time to spend in member service, time during which we can reach out to those members more often and provide better service.” He added the compliance efficiencies and accuracy, particularly on Reg E, have been tremendous. “I’ve been working in credit unions for more than 10 years, and it’s exciting to see credit union leaders are looking to innovate to better serve their members, their staff and their credit unions,” Patil said. “SkyOne has been excellent to work with as our first client to adopt the hybrid cloud-based PaaS model. I’m pleased the credit union is already experiencing positive results. I can’t wait to see what’s next.” Along those lines, SkyOne’s Carlos said there’s more RPA implementation with Digital Align in SkyOne’s future. “This is just the tip of the iceberg.” # # # About Digital Align Digital Align is an experienced team of experts who streamline processes so financial institutions can do more with less. Our Digital Transformation and Solution experts understand how to deploy innovative solutions to enhance capabilities across all departments within financial institutions. We have decades of experience building digital strategy roadmaps, developing executable plans and implementing digital solutions to generate better ROIs for financial institutions.