FIntegrate Streamlines Dispute Management for Check Fraud with FusionDMS


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – June 29, 2022FIntegrate,  a data-driven analytics company focused on dispute management, collections and revenue recovery software for the financial industry, announced the addition of its dispute management solution for check fraud within its FusionDMS platform. The new solution is also comprised of Reg-E compliance on electronic transactions, such as credit/debit, ACH and wire, as well as credit bureau dispute management modules.

FusionDMS is designed to simplify and expedite the administration of return requests for unauthorized transactions, such as forgeries, missing endorsements, altered or unauthorized signatures, deceased payee, unauthorized amounts, among others, by promoting more structured management and procedural policies from a single, integrated platform.

FusionDMS is a robust and highly configurable solution designed to increase operational efficiency, consolidate tracking, streamline reporting, and significantly enhance customer/member support and service by:

·  Reducing the time and cost associated with manually tracking and managing unauthorized transaction cases while enhancing customer/member service;

·  Decreasing error rates by leading associates through every step of the unauthorized check transaction process with automated case management workflow;

·  Minimizing risk of civil action and losses;

·  Providing easy access to supporting documentation; and

·  Delivering quicker dispute resolutions through workflow automation.

“The extensive and time-consuming requirements of documentation generation, return request initiation, tracking, resolution and notification can be a cumbersome process for banks and credit unions,” said Kris Bishop, CEO of FIntegrate. “With FusionDMS in place, banks and credit unions benefit from having the tools needed to effectively manage the entire resolution process on one platform, eliminating reliance on manual processes of the past and enabling FI staff to focus on better servicing customers/members.”

Integrated directly into FIntegrate’s Fusion platform, FusionDMS can work standalone or operate alongside FusionCRS™, a highly advanced collection and recovery software solution developed exclusively to help credit unions and banks increase collections and reduce loan losses. With the implementation of FusionCRS platform, banks and credit unions can streamline collection and recovery operations and improve reporting, as well as track all communications and reporting requirements.

About FIntegrate Technology
FIntegrate Technology, headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., is a data-driven collections and analytics company focused on portfolio tracking and revenue recovery software for the financial services industry. Its FusionCRS™ solution is a fully featured collection and recovery management system that helps financial institutions streamline collections operations, improve collection resource productivity and increase results. For more information, visit