FIntegrate Momentum Continues After Acquiring FusionCRS and Launching Dispute Management Solution

Company expands client base and grows team, supporting more than $30B in loan collections on its powerful collection and recovery management system

FIntegrate Technology

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. 2, 2022FIntegrate, a data-driven analytics company focused on portfolio tracking, collections and revenue recovery and transaction dispute management software for the financial industry, announced that it has experienced continuous growth and momentum since acquiring FusionCRS™ in June 2021. In this time, FIntegrate has successfully signed four new banking clients including a $19B bank and three new credit union clients, including one of the top 20 credit unions in the U.S. since Q1 of this year, and is managing more than $30B in portfolio collections and recovery loans.

Additionally, FIntegrate has launched FusionDMS, its dispute management solution for credit bureau disputes, credit\debit card, ACH, wire and check fraud. The solution is designed to simplify and expedite the administration of any type dispute or return requests for unauthorized transactions by promoting more automation, structured management and procedural policies from a single, integrated platform. The solution intefaces with e-OSCAR and the FI’s CORE systems, archives all transactions and dispute history forever and is regulatory compliant with all credit bueau transaction types. Fully integrated directly into FIntegrate’s FusionCRS Collections and Recovery platform including the C-Suite dashboards and 360 account holder views, the FusionDMS system can also be  be sold as a standalone, full-service, automated dispute management system.

Since acquiring the FusionCRS platform, the team has focused product development enhancements on moving the system to the cloud and integrating third-party systems. In addition, they have worked to add integration and APIs to all major core systems, several texting and chat bot systems, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products, click-to-pay, text and email automations.

Additional product enhancements include a set of C-suite dashboards that provides executive overview of the collections and recoveries income, expected chargeoffs, expenses and other financial metrics. Other dashboards include the ability to view risk scoring models for delinquencies or potential delinquencies in multiple ways, such as by month-over-month or YOY comparisons; financial recovery by operator or product type; and losses and expected losses by month or YOY. The enhanced Management and Operator dashboards include views of operator stats such as, calls completed compared to current workload in queue; collections achieved; promise to pay or promise to pay received; and operator stats compared to goals and peers.

“It’s been a pivotal year for the FIntegrate team, including relocating headquarters to Birmingham, Ala., hiring 10 new staff members focused on product enhancement, new development, and adding signficant enhancements to the solution to ensure a superior customer experience,” said Kris Bishop, CEO of FIntegrate. “We’ve enhanced the system with workflow and work queue automation to help our FI clients better communicate with their valuable account holders. We use business logic and AI to idenitify pre-deliquent accounts and work to meet account holders where they are prior to becoming deliquent or before moving further toward the charge off stage. The same risk scoring and business logic algorithms can be used to drive the higher dollar or higher risk accounts to a top collector agent for better results.”

About FIntegrate Technology
FIntegrate Technology, headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., is a data-driven collections and analytics company focused on portfolio tracking and revenue recovery software for the financial services industry. Its FusionCRS™ solution is a fully featured collection and recovery management system that helps financial institutions streamline collections operations, improve collection resource productivity and increase results. For more information, visit