Finotta Announces Integration with Q2’s Digital Banking Platform


Finotta announces its integration with Q2’s Digital Banking Platform. Q2 Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:QTWO) is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending.

This integration means that Finotta can now offer its Personified platform to interested financial institutions (FIs), providing a way to add compassion back into banking at scale.

The Q2 Partner Accelerator program, which is part of Q2’s Innovation Studio solution, allows financial service companies to provide applications to their consumer and small business clients. FIs can work with these partners to purchase their solutions and rapidly deploy standardized integrations to their customers. This allows FIs to give customers Finotta’s personalized insights into their financial health.

"It's good to see Finotta take advantage of Q2’s Partner Accelerator program to pre-integrate their solution into the Q2 Digital Banking Platform. It greatly reduces the time to value for interested FIs who want to leverage Finottta inside the Q2 platform,” said Ryan Hollister, senior director of engineering at Q2. “Banks, credit unions, and fintechs all have big ideas and want to deliver new personalized product offerings, but the old legacy model for innovation is broken and ineffective – it simply takes too long and costs too much. The Q2 Innovation Studio empowers companies to control their innovation roadmap and deliver new applications, services, and experiences faster.”

"Q2's Partner Accelerator and working with their team has been incredibly beneficial - they have helped us iterate quickly on our product and given us almost instant access to numerous FIs," said Brenden Smith, chief technology officer at Finotta. "FIs are looking at us to be their agile partner to bring banking into the age of personalization swiftly."