FinGoal’s New Feature Enables Credit Unions to Target Personalized Offers to Their Members


Boulder, CO: FinGoal’s personalized offers help credit unions maintain their long standing customer focus. Historically credit unions provided a personalized experience, but this hasn’t always translated well into the mobile banking world. Currently, credit unions produce several generic offers advertised to all members with a one size fits all approach, leading to low conversion rates.

Today’s users expect a highly personalized experience, even down to the language and visuals used in their promotions. FinGoal analyzes members’ transactions and categorizes them into different segments. The feature taps into a credit union's current product offerings and indicates what offers should reach which members. They do this based on user transaction data, which reveals a lot about user preferences, values and financial state to better tailor marketing offers.

“When you have a deep understanding of how users are spending their money and what's changing in their behavior, you're able to predict what's happening in their life. Credit unions can then put what is actually helpful and relevant in front of their users, making them more likely to convert,” says David Nohe, CEO of FinGoal. “It also shows the user that their institution knows and understands them and values their needs.”

Key benefits of providing personalized offers:

Increased conversion on offers: When users get relevant, personalized offers, they are more likely to engage leading to higher conversions.

User satisfaction: When users receive highly personalized and relevant offers, they don’t feel like just a number; they feel seen and understood by their institution.

Return on investment: Companies are seeing 20 times the return on investment for spending on personalization.

No new integrations are needed to implement these personalized offers. FinGoal will work with partners to use their existing offers and current systems of user notification. This is the ideal solution for institutions who want to try out innovative features without having to implement new technology. It also offers a quick ROI gain—often within weeks.

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About FinGoal: Banks and Credit Unions count on FinGoal data and analytics to understand their individual end-users on a human level—personal values, life events, and current motivations. FinGoal believes if credit unions understood their individual members as deeply as social networks do, one billion more people around the world would have healthy financial breathing room. FinGoal is on a mission to make that happen as the most trusted infrastructure for hyper-personalized financial services. Learn more at