to Open Future Digital Finance (FDF) Conference and Moderate Sessions on Digital Banking Ecosystem

Finalytics’s CEO and Co-Founder, Craig McLaughlin, will chair this year’s Future Digital Finance (FDF) conference, kicking off the event with opening remarks on March 1st at 8:25 a.m. EST and moderating three sessions on today’s digital banking ecosystem.

The opening remarks will highlight results from the company’s 2022 Digital Maturity Index (DMI) survey completed in February.  Areas to be discussed are:

  • How to interpret the DMI results showing that more than 80% of financial institutions believe digital transformation is vital to their competitive success but 25% or less are fully prepared in the areas critical to achieving that goal.

  • How the relationship between the DMI results in leadership, organizational structure, and cultural context are facilitating and restricting the level of digital maturity in financial institutions.

  • What the DMI measurements on technological maturity – e.g., presence of modern tech stack, the use of data to improve end user digital experience, and the elements driving the specification around technological needs – need to be synched to support the emphasis on digital in financial institutions.

To schedule an interview with Craig McLaughlin to discuss the topics and themes covered in the opening remark, as well as industry trends, and find out more information about, contact Sabina Andrei (

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