Exclamation Labs Rebrands to Provision IAM

Company rebrands to highlight Identity Security Leadership

Provision IAM

CUMBERLAND, Md. , July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Exclamation Labs, an industry leader in creating enterprise-level digital solutions in financial services for a quarter of a century, announced that it is launching a major rebranding to Provision IAM that delivers two key messages. First, this marks a celebration of the Company's growth and expansion over the past five years to becoming a leader in the Identity Access Management (IAM) field across community banks and credit unions. Secondly, the rebranding spotlights the Company's mission to champion and innovate SaaS solutions to fortify its leadership in Identity Security.

This rebrand ushers in a fundamentally new era for the company. Historically, the Company has delivered innovative solutions as a service via web application and software development. Today's rebranding signals a steadfast commitment to delivering equally innovative solutions as SaaS products built specifically to enable clients to manage the onboarding process themselves.

"Our new corporate brand fulfills our expanded vision to advance and innovate Identity Security solutions for financial institutions," said CEO Jonathan Hutcherson. "We look forward to sharing this vision and transforming it into deeper partnerships with institutions and Core Providers across the Financial Services sectors."

"Not only does changing our name to Provision IAM reinforce our core mission of delivering Identity Security excellence," continued Hutcherson, "but especially in the Software industry, there are significant synergistic advantages to be gained by matching corporate and product brand names."

Across the USA, including 11 different states, Provision has been embraced as a superior solution for enhancing security and increasing productivity. Provision IAM provides automated and centralized capabilities to manage internal access to critical systems. This is accomplished via custom connectors that integrate with commonly used financial software and core processing systems. Many institutions rely on Provision to ensure a constant state of compliance and cybersecurity.

About Provision IAM: Community banks and credit unions manage hundreds of systems with varying user access permissions that generally require manual updates when employees are hired, roles change, or access permissions evolve. The Provision Identity Access Management platform automates common tasks to improve employee productivity, ensure security, and reduce the time required for audit preparation. Provision is the only IAM tool designed specifically for the workflow of financial institutions, easing the burden of meeting ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements.

For information, visit www.ProvisionIAM.com.