DeepTarget Granted Patent for Groundbreaking Digital Experience Platform and 3D Storyteller Technology


HUNTSVILLE, AL., October 26, 2021 – DeepTarget Inc., a solution provider that utilizes data mining and machine learning to deliver targeted communications across digital channels for banks and credit unions, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued U.S. Patent No. 11,157,966 for its Digital Experience Platform (DXP) including 3D StoryTeller™, related to uniquely engaging digital banking consumers at scale. The solutions are in use by hundreds of financial institutions to manage millions of simultaneous unique and specific communications within the digital banking experience. The patent covers 42 claims encompassing the system and methods for generating and sending personalized campaign messages comprising a system setup module, a client information server, a production server and a story delivery module that dynamically creates multifaceted prisms with personalized messages, unique for each user, based on user intelligence, user preferences and/or preset rules. Titled, “Network of systems for generating and sending personalized campaign messages from a plurality of entities to a plurality of clients and a method of generating and sending such messages,” the patent may be viewed here. DeepTarget’s DXP uses any selected combination of targeted lists, preset rules, and artificial intelligence (AI) to present timely customer communications, including offers, video messages, onboarding action prompts, and financial wellness tools. Campaigns may be designed once and deployed across all channels, revolutionizing the financial institution’s digital marketing practice while driving dramatically higher sales and lower labor costs. “DeepTarget is fulfilling a critical need in the market by enabling banks and credit unions to utilize AI and machine learning to enhance their marketing initiatives and effectively compete with much larger institutions,” said Terry Ammons, Fintech Leader and Partner, Wipfli LLP.  “What they are doing for their clients is truly unique and this patent validates that.” When DeepTarget DXP is combined with the transformative, socially-inspired 3D Storyteller, marketers turn raw data into engaging and personalized user experiences in real time. Described as “smart financial stories,” banks and credit unions of any size now have access to modern technology to aid in connecting with customers amidst increasing competition for customer mindshare. Earlier this year, 3D StoryTeller was selected as the Best Solution for Improving Operations in the Best of FinXTech Awards, powered by Bank Director. “This patent strengthens DeepTarget’s position at the forefront of digital marketing innovation,” said Preetha Pulusani, CEO of DeepTarget. “Our mission from day one has been to use technology to closely emulate the human experience digitally, resulting in tremendous ROI across our customer base. Our vision to empower FIs of all sizes to drive growth through advanced technology previously reserved for mega FIs has put the power of AI in the hands of community FIs. We are deeply honored to be recognized for our innovation with DXP and 3D Storyteller and proud of the efforts of our team in making it accessible to all”. Simultaneous with the USPTO filing, DeepTarget has also filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the international patent treaty which covers more than 150 contracting states enabling patent protection for an invention simultaneously in a large number of countries in due course. The International Search Report (ISR) and Written Opinion of the International Searching Authority with respect to the PCT application is that all the claims (1-42) are novel, have industrial applicability and contain an inventive step, i.e., all 42 claims are patentable. Further, due to this finding in the ISR, a request to expedite the examination of those claims can be made in the corresponding applications under the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) programs. Integrated with more than 25 digital banking platforms and growing, DeepTarget DXP monthly, in aggregate, serves up more than 300 million engagements to more than 2 million digital banking customers. This results in more than 90,000 leads and more than 8,500 new deposits, loans and card acquisitions for DeepTarget’s 200+ financial institution customers each month. The consistent month-over-month growth demonstrated is an indicator of industry attentiveness to digital transformation while increasing customer engagement, loyalty and revenue. About DeepTarget DeepTarget provides a single Digital Experience Platform for financial institutions to manage the complete engagement-to-results lifecycle across all digital channels, resulting in increased revenue, loyalty and trust and decreased costs. Their solutions help financial institutions connect with their customers with messages that resonate. DeepTarget’s intelligent digital marketing and sales solutions are used by hundreds of financial institutions to provide a seamless communications experience wherever, whenever, and however their customers bank. For additional information visit ###