CuneXus Enters into Financial Wellness Market with a New Credit Monitoring Solution

Digital storefront provides credit health and monitoring service within online banking


Santa Rosa, Calif. – Nov. 29, 2021 – CuneXus, the first and only digital storefront for financial institutions’ account holders, today announced a new, real-time, credit monitoring tool available for financial institutions and end-users embedded within the CuneXus storefront. The solution gives financial institutions the option to display multi-bureau information and credit scores, allowing consumers to monitor and compare their credit ratings and enabling financial institutions to offer them the best loan options and highest approval odds. The new addition to the CuneXus technology provides financial institutions’ account holders with a more consistent and seamless digital experience by displaying their credit scores within their existing CuneXus storefront, eliminating the need to monitor them elsewhere. The tool also gives end-users more control and visibility over their financial health by presenting suggestions for future financial decisions based on their real-time credit scores. Moreover, the credit monitoring tool acts as an identity theft alert system, alerting users if any changes have been made to their credit scores and suggesting steps to correct issues. “We are very excited to enter the financial wellness market with our new credit monitoring solution,” said Dave Buerger, co-founder and president of CuneXus. “CuneXus has traditionally provided unparalleled transparency into consumers’ borrowing power through a perpetual pre-approval. Our new product, which provides a transparent view into credit health, is a natural addition to our storefront. With the help of simulators, our tool helps customers understand their financial standings and suggests the best course of action based on their real-time credit scores. Unlike other credit monitoring solutions on the market that encourage more debt, our new solution helps consumers make informed financial decisions for their futures.” About CuneXus CuneXus is the first-to-market with a digital storefront for financial institution’s customers and members, addressing the need for a personalized, on-demand banking experience. The platform eliminates the loan application process, providing consumer transparency and a simple 10-second activation experience. The CuneXus digital storefront has helped the largest lenders in the country to grow wallet share, create sales enabled branches, execute new account holder acquisition, and grow non-interest income. CuneXus client institutions represent over $571 billion in combined assets and 26 million U.S. consumers. For more information, visit