Coastal Credit Union Foundation Announces nearly $100,000 in “Volunteer Voice” Grants

Coastal Credit Union Foundation

RALEIGH, N.C. (July 26, 2022) – The Coastal Credit Union Foundation has announced the latest round of grants to benefit nonprofit organizations in the community.  This round is being dubbed “Volunteer Voice” grants, because they were made to organizations where Coastal Credit Union logged volunteer hours in 2021.  In all, 19 organizations each received $5,000, for a total of $95,000.

“Making the decision to give some of your valuable time to a nonprofit organization is more than just a service to our community, it’s a vote of confidence in what that specific organization is doing to help,” said Creighton Blackwell, Foundation Chair. “The foundation board saw where volunteer hours were being logged, and wanted to help amplify the impact our employees have made. For many of these organizations, $5,000 can make a significant impact”

The grant recipients include:

Year to date, the Coastal Credit Union Foundation made $145,000 in grants.

The mission of the Coastal Credit Union Foundation is to enrich the lives of our members and their communities by providing financial support to 501(c)(3) organizations, particularly in the 16-county market of Central North Carolina. Learn more at