AUX and THRIVE Offer Fall Data Activation Series at Huge Discount


LAKEWOOD, Colorado (September 15, 2022) – Aux and THRIVE Strategic Services have teamed to provide a reduced cost to THRIVE’s popular Data Activation series. This seven-part program is led by data analytics expert, Anne Legg. The course has already been presented to over 240 participants across a variety of venues, including credit union League conferences and special education events. Normally, the cost to attend this series is $895 per participant. Through a special arrangement with Aux, the cost has been slashed to only $200 per participant, a savings of over 78%. Aux and THRIVE have reset the original date of this offering from August to September and October.

Leveraging data to better serve credit union members’ needs is still a hot topic for credit union executives. “Despite COVID creating a brief pause in plans to implement data analytics, activating credit union data to make better and faster decisions, expanding share of wallet and increasing the member usage of specific products and services are all of concern to credit unions today. Even more concerning is understanding the process for becoming a data-centric organization and developing a data culture at the credit union that allows the organization to effectively utilize member data. Education is always the first step in the data analytics journey”, says Alan Bergstrom, Aux VP of Marketing. “That’s one of the reasons we’ve teamed with THRIVE to provide this important information series.”

"THRIVE is delighted to collaborate with Aux to deliver data education that will elevate a credit union's data journey and improve their member's lives," said Anne Legg, founder of THRIVE. "The activation series builds a much-needed data capability that delivers data success, which is the end-goal for any data effort.”

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THRIVE is a data and education consultancy that educates, accelerates and elevates credit unions in their pursuit of data to improve their members lives. THRIVE has worked with over 600 credit union leaders to simplify their data transformation and identify new revenue sources, lessen member friction, increase talent productivity to truly change member lives.


Aux, established in 1992, is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) owned by 53 credit unions, and serves over 200 credit unions nationwide. Aux provides a variety of progressive back-office solutions that drive credit union success, including accounting, compliance, and data analytics. Aux is a leader in credit union innovation, cooperation, and research.