ApexEdge Announces Its Affiliate Partner Program, Offers Billshark’s Bill Negotiation Services in the Financial Services Marketplace to Strengthen Customer Relationships


BOSTON, Feb. 11, 2021 – ApexEdge, a partner-enablement platform that offers monthly bill and subscription management solutions to support the financial health of consumers, announced today its affiliate partner program, which offers Billshark’s bill negotiation services to financial services firms in the digital marketplace. This tool, that provides immediate value to customers through the digital channel, helps strengthen the customer relationship. Most Americans are overpaying for their monthly bills and consumers want access to money saving solutions that can help improve their financial wellness journey. The Billshark affiliate partner program by ApexEdge offers banks, credit unions, PFMs, fintechs and more a way to transform from an advisor to a trusted consumer advocate – by helping customers gain an average savings of $295, lowering monthly bills on essential services. By partnering with Billshark's turnkey affiliate solution, institutions can establish and strengthen the critical customer relationship through digital channels, providing companies with a proven tool to offer immediate value to customers and in turn fostering customer relationships even further. “Partnering with Billshark has been valuable and rewarding for both our members and our business. In the last six months, Billshark has saved our members tens of thousands of dollars on monthly bills,” said Adrian Becker, Vice President of Business Development at Steady. “The ApexEdge platform helps financial institutions negotiate bills, such as television, wireless, phone, internet, satellite radio and home security providers, on the consumers behalf to create a concierge experience within customer’s banking environment, helping customers save money and reduce stress,” Steven McKean, CEO and President at ApexEdge. “We partner with companies, like Steady, so institutions can eliminate customer’s stress about overpaying, produce longer and more frequent customer and member engagement as well as drive noninterest income by redirecting savings into native solutions.” ApexEdge is an enablement platform that offers simple and accessible actionable intelligence solutions to help customers reduce stress and regain control of their financial lives. ApexEdge’s Billshark solution is a direct-to-consumer service that is delivered through the ApexEdge platform, supporting members’ and customers’ financial wellness journey by generating savings on their behalf. About Billshark Powered by the ApexEdge active intelligence platform, Billshark is the industry leader by volume, savings and ratings in the emerging bill reduction space. Backed by Mark Cuban, Billshark empowers consumers by saving millions of dollars through mobile, internet, phone, TV, home security and other monthly services bills negotiation plus canceling unwanted monthly subscriptions. With thousands of reviews, Billshark has a 4.9 Google rating! Visit www.billshark.com or contact laura.beaulieu@billshark.com. About ApexEdge The ApexEdge active intelligence platform powers financial institutions, PFMs, fintechs, and other innovators as they deliver subscription and bill management to customers. By transforming insights into action, our concierge enablement solutions deepen relationships with meaningful, personalized conversations and real results. Customers save money and reduce stress. Partners grow from just advisors to indispensable advocates engendering loyalty plus new revenue. ApexEdge enables a direct to consumer innovations lab, Billshark, and is configurable for integrations ranging from simple affiliate to complete white label. Visit www.apexedge.com. ### MEDIA CONTACT: Cristi Murray Rachel Smedley For ApexEdge For ApexEdge 678-781-7209 678-781-7236 cristi@williammills.com rachel@williammills.com