Canvas Credit Union Is Now Live on AKUVO Aperture

Canvas Credit Union & AKUVO

Malvern, PA – AKUVO, a technology organization specializing in credit risk and delinquency management, announces that the $3.8 billion, Colorado-based, Canvas Credit Union is now live on AKUVO Aperture. Developed from the ground up in the cloud, Aperture is now actively driving Canvas Credit Union’s long-term collection strategy, day-to-day activities and specialty processes like repossession, bankruptcy, damage claims and legal.

Canvas Credit Union purchased Aperture with a plan to create a more modern, personalized, member-centric delinquency management strategy that could support the credit union as it grows. Having now gone live, the teams at AKUVO and Canvas Credit Union are proud to see this vision brought to life.

“We’ve immediately seen the impact of launching Aperture for our collections and specialty processes. Prior to this implementation, we were handling activities associated with repossession, damage claims, bankruptcy and legal across multiple systems and programs. Bringing everything into Aperture allows us to leverage powerful tools for automation, task routing, data gathering and more. The efficiency gains have really been incredible,” commented Shawn Spratte, Senior Vice President of Loss Mitigation & Communication Center at Canvas Credit Union.

“The power of Aperture was clearly highlighted during this implementation. Improving daily operations at Canvas Credit Union, plus bringing in specialty processes, was quite exciting for both teams,” commented Steve Castagna, Chief Operating Officer of AKUVO. “It has been a pleasure working with everyone at Canvas Credit Union, and we look forward to continually supporting their vision for delinquency and risk management in the future.”